Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win the fight between Polar Bear vs grizzly Bear?

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It is fascinating to know about the ability and powerful features of large animal species. Bears are well-known animals that are available in diversity. Polar bears and grizzly bears are most popular bears that draw the attention of numerous people because of their unique abilities and big size. People often compare Polar bear vs Grizzly bear to know who will win the fight.

There is ton of information available about these bears, but the comparison between a grizzly bear and a polar bear makes reading worthy. This article not only helps to know the difference and comparison between polar bear vs. grizzly bear, but it also brings a clear idea, who will fight well.  For understanding the major difference between Polar and Grizzly bear, you need to know the major facts about both.

Polar bear vs grizzly bear

Polar Bear Useful facts 

The polar bear is a good-looking animal that is mostly found in many icy regions as well as come under the carnivorous mammal that is an inhabitant of the Arctic Circle. It is profoundly a large bear type with the weight of about 350-700 kg. The Polar bear is also known as the sister class of brown bear because polar bears survive in some parts with freezing temperature that is surrounded by open water, ice and snow.

They are used for hunting seals. It is useful to note that seals are a major source of diets. Polar bears are well known to survive in both the sea and land so that they are referred to the maritime animals.

Polar bears hunt seals present on sea edges.  The populations of these vulnerable species are declining rapidly due to habitat loss as well as global warming. Polar bears are the leads of their unique cultures.

The polar bears have sharp claws, big furry feet that let them get the desired traction on icy land. They discovered in the arctic area close to Newfoundland Island, humid continental, James Bay in Canada, Kuril Islands of Okhotsk and subarctic and much more. Polar bear often found in many countries, including Canada, Alaska, Norway, United States and Denmark.

They are cold zoo animals comes with more strong limbs that assist them running on a terrain. With the weather change, seals transfer from one region and another place, and hence they follow seals as they are their major source of diet.

Grizzly Bear Useful Facts

They are similar to brown bear and commonly known as the subtypes of brown bear in North America because these are the one species of 2 regions.  Apart from that, some individuals call a grizzly bear with a nickname, which is popularly known as ‘silvertip bear” due to their silver sheen present in their fur.

They are large solitary active species which are often discovered in different coastal regions such as rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams. The grizzly comes from gray and golden hairy bear fur.  It is told that the ancestors of bears are the brown bears. The weight of these bears is 180-360 Kg. Grizzly bears carry the length of 198 cm. The shoulder height and hind foot of grizzly bear are 102 cm and 28 cm respectively.

The coastal bear includes more weight and is heavier, and one big grizzly recorded bear is about 680 kg. These bears are discovered in regions such as Asia, Europe, Canada and North America. The counts are reducing at a faster rate because of habitat loss and hunting. They are the long living species, and the life of female bear is more than the male bear’s because female bears are not concerned in the fights. The usual lifetime of male bear is twenty-two years while for the female bear it is twenty-six years.

The grizzly bears are carnivores and omnivores. The diet of these bears includes both animals and plants.  The common animal preys by them include black bears, deer, bison, mule, moose, caribou, injured calves, fish, bison, and bighorn. 

Compare grizzly bear Vs polar bear

Knowing difference between grizzly bear vs. polar bear is not a daunting task now because following detailed comparison makes the understanding simpler.

Animals Grizzly bearPolar bear
Average length6.5 ft7 ft 10 inch – 9 ft to ten inches
Average Tail5 cmSeven to thirteen cm
Average height102 cm133 cm
AreaAsia, Canada, Europe and North AmericaNewfoundland island, Norway, united states, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Arctic
HabitatIn Alaska dense close to the coast and continental USHumid continental, arctic, sub and arctic circle
OrderOmnivora, CarnivoraCarnivora
TeethSharp and large incisor teethCanines are sharper, more jagged and larger
Weight80 to 360 kg350 to 700 kg
Average lifeMales 22 years and females 26 yearsMore than 25 years

These are the major difference between a polar bear and grizzly bear that helps people to know the individual characters, abilities and lifetime of both.

Who will fight well and win?

Many people want to recognize which one fights well and win in a fight between Polar Bear vs. Grizzly bear. It is significant to know that the polar bears are more in mass and large when compared to grizzly bear as well as more power paws and sharp teeth but grizzly bears are robust, more aggressive and excellent bone structure when compared to the Polar bear.

Polar bears are biggest animal species but not vigorous as other bears. They have longer and thinner skull when compared to grizzly. The grizzly bear has shorter heavy and thick head and also includes powerful or robust shoulder structure. In most of the cases, Grizzly Bear in icy circumstance is showing more aggression against Polar, and many will go with the grizzly bear.

When the ice melts, the polar bear focused on the area of a grizzly bear, and the grizzly bear has sufficient to battle with Polar, so grizzly is the winner. The fight between Grizzly vs Polar bear would be more interesting to watch.

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