Black Mamba Vs King Cobra fight, who will win?

Who will win the fight between Black Mamba vs King cobra?

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Both King Cobra and Black Mamba are highly venomous snakes in the world and known for their uniqueness. Wildlife lovers are always excited to know the comparison between Black Mamba vs. King Cobra fight.  Fight between these two snakes is rare to see but still, you can know their strengths, abilities etc. You can also who going to win the fight.

Both these snakes have their own characteristics.  So it would good to take the comparison between Black Mamba vs. King Cobra.

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Terrifying Facts Of King Cobra:

King Cobra is the very dangerous snake, and it is the king in cobra species and various venomous species of snakes. Of course, it is the world longest venomous snake, and the maximum length will be 18 ft as well as it weight also ranging around 13 kg.

King cobra commonly found in the lush green forest of India, Indonesia, and China, as well as it venom, can kill more than hundred people at a time. Overall, it has the ability to kill an elephant with a single bite. It will generate a lot of venom on a single bite that will cause death immediately.

King Cobra generates strong venom than any other kinds of snakes on a single bite which means it is very dangerous venomous snakes in the world and it gains more popularity across the world.

King Cobra is considered as the snake eater, it survives on other snakes. Even it can eat small rat pythons, venomous snakes, and snake. Especially it can eat krait snake and spectacled cobra. King Cobra is the longest snake as well as fearless at any point in time.It has the ability to attack humans any time, this will make King Cobra very dangerous.It will defend himself against the big and vigorous animals including elephant.

King Cobras easily lift their front during fighting or locating prey and it can more aggressive in this looks. Usually, this snake has a broad mouth and hood.

King Cobras are also having the ability for killing large animals when compared to other snakes; king cobra has more flexible jaws that are also expandable. This snake will hunt in daylight only and not active in the night.

Amazing Facts About Black Mambas:

Black Mambas are also very dangerous snakes in the world and it can found in eastern and southern part of Africa. These kinds of snakes are highly terrific at the same time dangerous. Black mamba also differs from other snakes in its habits, appearance, and characteristics.

Black Mamba eats some small animals, lizards, insects, birds, etc. It is a shy kind of snake, and it does not like human presence in its living area or surroundings.

It is the longest Venomous snakes in Africa Continent, and it is also discovered with its black color inside its mouth, this factor will make him dangerous as well as scarier. Even this snake will 14ft long slithering at speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour, and this snakes will kill a human within a fraction of seconds.

Of course, it is the dangerous snake, it can kill people with its single bite. These kinds of snakes commonly found in southern and eastern countries of Africa. Overall, it can be popular for its unique appearance. It is the fastest snake in the world and it gets popularity by being very aggressive.

The scientific name of the black mamba is Dendroaspispolylepis. Generally, Black mambas live in rocky as well as the savannas hills of southern and eastern Africa.

King Cobra vs Black mamba

Usually, Black Mamba is highly toxic, but it does not work on King Cobra.

Compare King Cobra Vs. Black Mamba:

Now you can easily compare king cobra vs black mamba, and got to know which one is robust and most dangerous.

ReptilesKing CobraBlack Mamba
Maximum Length18.8 ft14.6 ft
Average Length9.8 to 13 ft8.2 to 10 ft
AreaIndia, Indonesia, China, MalaysiaSouthern Africa and Eastern Africa.
VenomCardiotoxins  and NeurotoxinsCardiotoxins, Neurotoxins, Calciseptine.
DietOther SnakesLizards, Rats, Birds and Insects
Venom Quantity200 to 500 mg50 to 120 mg
 StatusVulnerableLeast Concern

Who Fight Well And Win Finally?

These are some of the characteristics stats about the king cobra vs. black mamba.

In general, Black Mamba has more dangerous venom when compared to the King Cobra because it contains dangerous components including Calciseptine, Cardiotoxins, and Neurotoxins. After bitten by Black Mamba, humans will observe dizziness, coughing, drowsiness, convulsions, heartbeat.If both snakes meet each other, they will start to do head to head fight. Normally, King Cobra would have upper hand because it is larger, heavier and bigger in comparison to Black Mamba.

King Cobra is the snake-eater so it can also have the ability to eat Black Mamba, but it is really complicated one because the Black Mamba is quicker than the king cobra. When it found any danger, then the black mamba will escape from the King Cobra.

At last, the king cobra is the most dangerous snakes in the world, and it will easily win during the head to head fight. King Cobra easily beat black mamba, but in some cases, the fight will be endless because the black mamba will escape from king cobra.

You can watch video and know who will win the fight-

16 Replies to “Black Mamba Vs King Cobra fight, who will win?”

  1. Snakes are dangerous. They have poison which kills an adult in seconds. The King Cobra is known for its venom and the black mamba is also famous for its venom. Both should be dealt with safety and care

    1. Both are the dangerous snakes. Black Mamba is fastest among all snakes. King Cobra is a snake with more poison .

  2. Life: King cobra is seen in South Asian forests and in near water area. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, India, has Cobra

  3. Black Mamba are seen in the states like Namibia, South and on the East of Africa has the venomous snake living on trees and on land.

  4. Nature: Both are venomous but the Black Mamba is faster, it can move on trees and in water. One drop venom can kill elephants and 20 adults in a seconds. Its face is black in color. The venom of the black mamba can kill an adult in 20 minutes and it can jump up 4 feet high, if it needs before striking. It can move 12 miles per hour, a fast mover. If it feels danger, either it moves away or it strikes back.

  5. King Cobra is longer than a Mamba, and grows up to 18 feet long. Snakes don’t really like human but if they can feel danger, either they take action or they leave as fast as they can.

    1. Yes, snakes fear from Humans.

      Snake only bite when feeling scared. Snakes try to run away, if not then they will bite for sure.

  6. Food: King Cobra is aggressive by nature. It strikes more than once and its venom kills. It is large in size and lives on rattle snakes or snakes. It drops more venoms on the victim.

    1. King cobra will feed on different snakes. King cobra is snake eater and it splits so much venom is humans, which can kill up to 20-25 humans.

  7. The black Mamba feeds on small mammals and reptiles. It has got the largest amount of venom than other snakes. The life span of a Black Mamba is 10 to 11 years. It is faster to move away from King Cobra.

    1. Yes, no doubt that black mamba is faster than King Cobra but not to forget, King cobra is snake eater as well.

      King cobra eats rattle and other snakes. Its venom release quantity is more than any other snake.

  8. Winner between King Cobra vs. Black mamba: The King Cobra is the winner between the two. It lives on other snakes, strikes fast, got more quantity of venom and larger in size,

    1. Yes, I agree with you, in a battle between Black mamba vs King cobra, the king cobra will surely a winner.

      The above voting poll percentage is reflecting the same.

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