Bobcat Vs Lynx Fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win fight between Bobcat vs Lynx?

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In general, the world of taxonomy can always be a tricky place; even now wildlife lovers are very much interested in understanding the exact difference between Bobcat Vs lynx including appearance.

These two animals look like same, but each one has their own interesting characteristics. If you really wish to take the exact difference between these two animals, you must read this article. With the help of this, you can find out the exact characteristics. In general, the lynx and the bobcat are identical to the untrained viewer.

Bobcat vs Lynx

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Interesting Facts About Bobcat:

Bobcat is smaller than lynxes as well as they also have short legs, but it has delicate paws.  In addition to this, it has shorter ear tufts this will make them look like a large housecat.  On the other hand, it has variegated brown coats. Even it has gray with black spots as well as black stripes on their tail.

Usually, bobcat commonly found in the United States and they also thrive in almost any habitat including desert fringes, forests, swamps, etc. overall, Bobcats are predators and like to eat enjoy rabbits at the same time hunt smaller animals including mice and birds even they also bring down deer.

Bobcats are very aggressive in nature. In general, they were also hunted for their fur.  Usually, fully-grown Bobcats can weigh around 33 pounds. Most of the times they prefer to eat birds, rabbits,
birds, rodents, and small creatures. At the same time, they are extremely adept at killing adult white-tailed deer. They can kill adults with weight around 250 pounds or more. 

Interesting Facts About Lynx:

Lynx is larger in size as well as they will weight around 85 pounds.  Most importantly they also have ear tufts; of course, it will extend over an inch in length. Even they have longer legs as well as wider paws than bobcats. In addition to this, the coat of lynx also has different shades of gray.

Lynx commonly found in Russian, northern Asia, Europe. Even they also found in Canada and United States’ border. Besides, lynx mostly prefers a wooded habitat.

Lynx is predators as well as they also prefer rabbits over any other animals, but snowshoe hare is its favorite prey. Usually, they are shy as well as prefer to live away from human contact. Many lynxes are endangered.

Normally, lynx is so dependent on the prey; lynx is possibly the rarest of all cats, it has short hair and coarse for the milder Mediterranean climate. Four different species are belonging to the Lynx group that includes Eurasian Lynx, Canadian lynx, the Spanish lynx and the fourth one is most common cat native to North America, it is called as the bobcat.

Who Will Win- Bobcat vs Lynx?

Both lynx and a bobcat are looking like same, but lynx is a little bigger, as well as they also have a hairy face and a plain coat of gray.  Overall these two animals have similarities at the same time have a difference in their behaviour.

Usually, Lynx prefer to live in forests, and it will hunt rabbits nearly exclusively, but Bobcats have different diet plans that also have different behaviors when compared to the lynx.

You can also watch Lynx vs Bobcat fight comparison video below-

Bobcats are aggressive in nature, and it has aggressive hunting style. With bold behavior and hunting style, it will fight well all the time, but lynx and bobcat fight will be rare, but in many cases, the bobcat will beat lynx. I hope you love the article on Bobcat vs Lynx fight comparison.

14 Replies to “Bobcat Vs Lynx Fight comparison, who will win?”

  1. Bobcat wins, in areas where they co-exist lynx occupy places with a deeper snow pack and bobcats are more general. But in areas where there’s only lynx the lynx fills more niches and is found in a greater variety of habitats.

    Evidence for large-scale effects of competition: niche displacement in Canada lynx and bobcat
    Michael J. L. Peers, Daniel H. Thornton, Dennis L. Murray
    Published 30 October 2013.DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2013.2495

  2. Most of the fur A bobcat can carry four times heavier than its own weight, hmmm, so s liked by human, and after killing, they takes the fur to look more beautiful

  3. Stop thief, stop stealing their lives. Move away, hide yourself, don’t come near human, they are not human, they are cruel, leave humans!

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