Deathstalker vs. Black Widow Spider fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win fight between Deathstalker vs Black Widow Spider?

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Black Widow Spider vs. Deathstalker is the battle between the two most deadly and dangerous creatures of category Arachnida. Everyone wants to know about who will win the battle between the most lethal Deathstalker and venomous Black Widow.

Many information resources are available to collect precise details of Black Widow and Deathstalker, but the following guide makes the task much simpler.  It is useful to gather the relevant facts about these creatures before comparing its features.

Deathstalker vs Black Widow

Essential information and facts about Deathstalker

It is a part of the buthidae family and is the scorpion species.  It is from genus Leiurus Deathstalker is available yellow color with the length that ranges from thirty-two to seventy-nine mm.

Deathstalker scorpion is otherwise known as Palestine yellow scorpion, Omdurman scorpion, Israeli yellow scorpion and Israeli desert scorpion.

Deathstalker venom includes a strong and powerful blend of neurotoxin along with a lethal
dose. It is significant to note that this most dangerous creature is commonly discovered in both the desert areas and scrubland. Additionally, they also found in many countries, including Algeria, Israel, India, Egypt, Qatar, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Oman, Kuwait, Sudan, Turkey, Yemen, Somalia, Niger, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The total lifespan of Deathstalkers is from four to twenty-five years. Its prey on mealworms, crickets, grasshoppers and some other big insects.

The size of female deathstalkers is more than the male deathstalkers.

Deathstalkers are the highly aggressive scorpions present in this world.

Scorpions insert their complete venom or poison on its initial attack into its enemy body and prey that results in the quick death of its enemy and prey.

Just behind red scorpion in India, it is the second dangerous venomous scorpion in the world.

Unlike other types of scorpions, the Deathstalker pincer is weak, and due to weaker pincers, it usually attacks its enemies and prey through its string very fast.

If an individual is attacked by this creature, it creates paralysis, extreme pain and some instant it creates death because of the failure of heart and respiratory system.

Important information about Black Widow

It is a part of the Theridiidae family. It is also called southern black widow because of its black glossy color along with tiny red marking present on its rounded abdomen

Black widow has the genus Latrodectus as well as they are the highly venomous spider species in their genus.

The length of female species differs from thirty-two to thirty-eight mm as well as 6.5 mm in diameter

It is useful to note that the male Black Widow species are almost partial amount of female species.

Black widow species are highly discovered in the Dominican Republic, USA, and Canada

The venom of Black Widow is fifteen times dangerous and stronger than the rattlesnake

It is the highly venomous species of NA (North America)

Like Deathstalker, the female spiders are bigger than the male species

After mating, female species kills as well as eats the male species

Due to this, female spiders are called black widow spider

The lifespan of female species is three years and for male species, the lifetime is three or four months because it is killed by the female spiders

There are some natural enemies and predators of this creature which blue mud dauber are, spider wasp, centipede and mantis

They only bite people if she/he found herself/himself in danger that means it attacks only for their self-defense.

For people, the attract of female spider is highly dangerous and hurtful than male species as well as if no treatment is offered to an attacked individual then it outcome into loss of an affected individual. It is exceptional in that individual found departed of attacked by the black widow spider.

Comparison between Black Widow vs. Deathstalker

The features, abilities, power, energy, life time, habitat and other characters will vary from one creature to another creature, so you can learn about them before comparing any animals. The following comparison table brings you an excellent opportunity to know all essential facts about Deathstalker and black widow spider.

The useful guide not only provides you certain useful details, but it let you compare the features of these animal species without any confusion. Additionally, it also makes the comparison between black widow spider vs death stalker simpler.

AnimalsBlack widow Death stalker
Average Weight1 g1.0 to 2.5 g
Average Length1/2 in1.2–3.0 in
AreaThey can be discovered on each continent of the globe except AntarcticaNorth Africa and Middle East
HabitatThey are discovered in the dry, warm parts of the globe as well as prefer for spinning their nets
in sheltered, dark places near to ground.
Death stalkers are mostly live under rocks and in abandoned holes of any other animals.
VenomThe female species
have strangely big venom glands as well as her bite can also be chiefly damaging to humans.
The hurt from this
dangerous creature is painful but some individuals loss their life from it
Average Life Time1-2 months ( for males), up to  three years (for females)From four to twenty
five years

Death Stalker vs. Black Widow- who will win?

These are the significant variation among the most dangerous creatures, which are known as Black Widow and Death stalker. The accurate details help people to get a proper idea about these two-animal species.

It is very clear that both Black Widow and Deathstalker are very venomous and dangerous but based on many battles between Black Widow vs. Deathstalker, scorpion, Deathstalker is winning, and eight out of ten battles are succeeded by the Deathstalker Scorpion.

However, it is complete to conclude who is going to achieve the battle in their habitat, but still, seventy percentages of votes are in favour of the Deathstalker Scorpion.

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