Honey Badger vs Lion fight comparison, who win win?

Who will win fight between Honey Badger vs Lion?

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Videos of fighting animals bring curiosity to know who is going to win the fight and will survive.  Of course, to know the comparison is must and gives precise information about the two animals in action. This post will represent the comparison between a lion vs honey badger.

Here starts the debate about its family genre and other types of details presented to you.  As a result, it will be interesting to know comparison, difference and other factors between a lion and honey badger.

Honey Badger vs Lion

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Facts about Honey Badger

The name of ratel well knows Honey Badger and often survived in India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. This comes under a category of carnivorous species and preys small animals even snakes too. However, it has defensive abilities and thick skin which is used for a victim and cannot defeat it quickly. Of course, it has 12 subspecies with dynamic size and color texture on the back. Besides, the loose skin allows it to turn back and does not easily handle, and skin around the neck is 6 millimeter.

Besides, the head is flat which gives hard one and consider the strongest skin ever found in other animals. It is known as fearless species against predators. However, this makes it grab attention on carnivorous species which is familiar with a battle against other animals.

It has a short leg with 5 toes and strong when it cannot break the shell. Moreover, the length of the honey badger is 55-77 cm and height consist of 23-28 cm tall than other animals. Also, the weight of honey badger is nearly 9-16 kg and considers Mustelids as their strength help them to stand away from attacks.

They also like fruits which only taken from grip is on the back of the neck. It easily penetrates and comes to with a fearless creature to protect against the battle. The teeth are stronger and could escape from it.

On the other hand, its powerful teeth, claws, and jaws makes strong enough to kill animals and act very smartly. It delivers strong odor that used as a defense against large predators. It is also famous swimmers and can climb trees naturally. Fortunately, this honey badger will deliver only two babies at a time. Hence, the baby honey badgers get mature at 6 months and her young ones are grown naturally.

Facts about Lion

Lion is known as king of jungle and it is famous for hunting activity. In fact, the lion weight up to 250 kg and named as second largest animal in the world. It is often found in Africa and Asia and wide spread large land mammal forever. Of course, it comes under vulnerable species and considers the most popular animals in the forest.

The lions will live for 10 to 14 years and capacity to live longer than 20 years. Most often, the lions lead nomadic lifestyle in groups which is called prides. Most of them come under golden yellow fur and the adult gets reddish black in color.

Moreover, the male lions will grow up to 10 feet in length, and usually weights to 550 pounds. It is familiar in giving a comparison to male ones and provide different lions category forever. In addition to this, the lion grow in nine feet inch and weights up to 395 pounds or 180kg. On the other side, the female lion will mate every year and giving birth to one to six cubs in the half gestation period. Once the lion roar, it can hear up to 5 miles away and easily predictable.

They normally hunt in a harmonized way and chase faster their chosen pray. It is well known for stamina and considers the best attacks to kill it quickly. It can capable of killing by jumping to the layer and immediately defeat them and use for food. So, the lion is well known for the king of the jungle and often killing animals and use as their prey.

Comparison between Honey badger Vs Lion

It is very interesting when you compare honey badger and lion as it may be a small one. However, the honey badger is very small in size and lion could not attack it easily because of tough skin in the body. So, check this table column to understand the difference between the honey badger and lion quickly.

Wild animalsHoney badgerLion
Average Length55-77 cm170-250 cm
Average Tail12-30 cm90-105 cm
Average Height23-27 cm100-105 cm
AreaSub-saharan Africa, Indian peninsula, western capeGir national park, Pendjari national park, , kruger national park etc
HabitatElf-dug holesShade, Dry scrub forest
TeethPowerful jaws, irregular developmentPowerful sharp teeth
Weight9-16 Kg250 Kg
Average Life Span24 years10-15 years

However, the lions will easily kill other animals, but this honey badger has strong skin which could not easily bite. So, the lion has to put efforts for killing this honey badger and consider the most hunting skills forever. The honey badger will never fear by lion’s attack and easily take revenge against it.

However, this makes the lions to fight heavily and put efforts for defeating the honey badger.While going through the comparison above, even you will be able to decide on your own which one is stronger. In fact, the honey badger will release a strong odor. Its long footts will creates nasty one and do not release when it is useful for prey.

It consists of strong skull and cannot be cracked easily like tortoise shell. Also, its awful odor will destroy the lion and suffers from danger. As a result, it is very hard to win the honey badger and take severe efforts to defeat.

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