Wolverine vs Honey Badger fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win the fight between Wolverine vs Honey Badger?

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Most people are curious to know which one is stronger- Wolverine or Honey Badger. In fact, the answer is not simple but we will make it simple and precise. However, both animals are equally strong and named as largest animals in Mustelids. They are well known for ferocity. Lets see who going to win the fight- Wolverine vs Honey Badger.

In this passage, the comparison is simple and easy to understand by the people. It is named as fearless species and has very strong power for battle and immune system. You will look at the general information about Honey Badger and Wolverine before the comparison begins.

Wolverine vs Honey Badger

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General information about Wolverine

Wolverine is a famous species with a name of a glutton and considers largest land-dwelling species. However, it comes under carnivore and looks like a small bear but have unique teeth than others. Of course, it can kill even larger prey of its size and does not get tired of its intelligent prey activity.

It can kill prey more times larger by taking action against them. With the help of short legs, small
eyes, rounded head, and ears, the wolverine acts as faster if there is a need for killing. However, they have dark oily skin which resistive to frost and get a daring look forever. It includes special molar in mouth which rotates at 90 degrees and allows wolverine to eat a meal from preys.

Its prey includes small species such as beavers, voles, rabbits, mice, deer, sheep, and other animals. With the help of powerful jaws and claws, it tends to achieve strongest prey activity in many animals. It is a dangerous species which gives scare when it boldly shouts in the wild. It is known as larger weasel family and known to be strong and vicious to its size. It has immense strength and easily preys by using it. It can able to crush large bones even and eat a meal that has been frozen.

It lives up to 10-15 years and familiar for shy species and can be found in remote forests. When it founds food, the male stays will almost 1000 square kilometer and female stay within 100 square kilometers. When compared with others, it is a fearless species and records to kill a bear by latching on the throat. So, this may adapt with molars and crush by using stronger jaws.

General information of Honey Badger

Honey Badger comes under ratel type know as Mellivora capensis which belongs to Animalia kingdom. It is in black color expect the gret mantel but separated by white stripes on it. It extends to the base tail and looks horrible by seeing it. The hair is rough course and stays longer on the hind legs and tails. Obviously, it is known as destructive mammalian predators in Africa and causes substantial losses to both traditional one.

They are actually 23cm to 28cm high and length falls from 12cm to 30 cm of a normal adult. Male Honey badger may be taller than a female one. They are normally found in South Africa, Middle East to Southern Russia. They are a favor in honey bee and eat insects as their prey. On the other hand, they kill venomous snakes such as cobra and satisfy its prey as well.

Unfortunately, honey badgers exceptionally tough to survive and sometimes come under most dangerous one for snakes too. Moreover, the honey badger will fight for a long time until it gets tired of using claws and stinging.

It is almost 6mm thick and extremely tough and battle against it. Most honey badgers are reversible and gland to meet the smell produced by its suffocating. It has sharper teeth which is used to prey and equal ferocity to fight than Wolverine. It provides wider gapes and so long to kill the prey easily.

Comparison between Wolverine vs Honey Badger   

It is interesting to know the comparison between both species. However, it provides equal strength by seeing general information about them. In addition to this, the following table provides a clear explanation about the difference between Wolverine vs honey badger.

AnimalsHoney badgerWolverine
Average Length55-77 cm65-107 cm
Average Tail12-30 cm17-26 cm
Average Height23-27 cm30-45 cm
AreaSub-saharan Africa Indian peninsula, western capeNorthern hemisphere,Europe, US, Canada, Siberia, Russia
HabitatElf-dug holesWintry habitat in northern rocky area
TeethPowerful jaws, irregular developmentStrong teeth and claws
Weight9-16 Kg9-25 kg
Average Life Span24 years5-13 years

When comparing Honey badger and Wolverine, it is easy to predict the winning capacity by their general information. Of course, the one thing should go favor of Wolverine is very stronger size when compared with a honey badger. It also concludes that honey badger will handle larger preys by its immune system and hunt capacity.

Who will win in the fight- Honey Badger vs Wolverine?

Yes, the honey badger will surely expected to win the battle against Wolverine. It decides on the ferocity defense. Also, it comes under fourfold and does not immediately leave the prey out.

However, it is not at all possible to kill Wolverine by biting instead use hunting skills to defeat it. Hence, both are defensive and do not engage in killing each other. Due to the greater size, Wolverine becomes a slight advantage to defeat the honey badger.

Luckily, the honey badger will keep on fighting for hours and does not become tired quickly. It uses its gland to fight against it and kill prey quickly without any hassle. So, it’s hard to control it and attacks by using larger nails. In addition to this, the fighting sequence will be interesting when it compares with family, strength, stamina, force, and others factors to judge the results.

I hope you like reading about Honey Badger vs Wolverine fight.

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