Wolverine Vs Polar Bear Fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win fight between Wolverine vs Polar Bear?

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Many people are looking forward to a fight between the Bear and Wolverine but there is still confusion about who would win the match. Both the Wolverine and Polar Bears are powerful animal species and much more intelligent hunters.

When there is a clash between these two hunters, you could expect a great challenge in their offense and defense strategies. Surely you would be amazed at their fighting style. So, prepare yourself to check fight comparison between Wolverine vs Polar bear.

Polar bear vs wolverine

Facts About Wolverine:

Wolverine also called “Skunk Bear” by Blackfeet Indians are the largest terrestrial member of
the weasel family. Wolverine likes to roam in the beautiful and rugged Rocky Mountains as well as North Cascades in the western U.S. Wolverines are considered as the largest land species from Mustelidae Family. Wolverine is a muscular carnivore animal that normally has the look of a small bear.

Wolverine is fearless, very strong and solitary animals. Wolverine has the ability even to kill larger
prey. Wolverines are normally found in the Northern Hemisphere, Siberia, Alaska, Europe, Canada and in many other places. Population of wolverine has decreased at the rapid rate with the loss of habitat. Wolverine has the short legs, small eyes, rounded heard as well as ears but it is not wiser not to underestimate the Wolverine as they could easily take on larger prey.

Weasels and mink are the larger cousins of wolverine with a broad head, short rounded ears and small eyes with dark brown fur. Wolverine has the lighter-colored face mask as well as stripe running down found in its body. Wolverine weighs less than 35 pounds and it is built powerfully with short legs and wide feet to travel in snow.

Size of an adult wolverine will be same as that of a medium dog. The animal measures the height of 30-45 cm, tail of 17-26 cm, 65-107 cm and weight of 9-25 kg. Wolverine males will be heavier and larger than females. Dark oily fur acts as resistant for the wolverine.

Appearing as a small bear, Wolverine is in fact a little beast having the skills of legends. With a
voracious appetite, Wolverine has a reputation of the amazing unmatched ferocity. Wolverine fears nothing apparently as it has the amazing attitude or strength. Wolverine is considered as the little bundle of terror that lives sparsely populated fringes of Arctic Circle.

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Facts About Polar Bear:

Polar Bear are under the Carnivorous category and found in various places such as Newfoundland Island, Kuril Islands, James Bay in Canada as well as in many other places. Polar Bears are considered as the largest land carnivores that are present in the world. Polar Bears are at top of the food chain in the rich Arctic biologically. Polar Bear are carnivorous of bear species and they normally hunt and feed on ice-dependent seals. Polar bears play the vital role in their ecosystem as the food leftovers offers food for the other Arctic wildlife species.

Polar Bears are normally found in various places such as Denmark, Russia, Norway, Canada and United States. Polar Bear is the arctic zoo animal and they are known as the Marine Mammal. Polar Bear likes to spend more time at the sea. Polar Bear weighs 350 to 700 kilograms and it has the characteristics suited only for the cold temperatures areas such as Snow, Ice and Open Water.

These marine mammals spend much time in the Arctic Sea Ice. Furs of Polar Bears are thicker when compared to any other bears. Thick layer of blubber is present beneath the fur and it offers insulation and buoyancy.

Polar bears normally feed on the exclusive ringed seals as well as bearded seals. In fact, they are known for preying on the bowhead whale carcasses, walrus, beluga whale, birds’ eggs and vegetation (rarely). The Polar bears could easily travel to a great distance in search of prey and they could hunt easily and defend itself with the large fur.

Polar bears normally have the higher dependent on the older stable pack ice in the region of Arctic. Polar bears spend most of the time on denning, ice hunting, and mating. Polar bears are solitary as adults and strong swimmers in open Arctic waters.

Compare Wolverine Vs Polar Bear:

Wolverine and Polar Bear almost have the same strength however only few comparison as well as difference between them.

AnimalsPolar BearWolverine
Average Length7 ft 10 inch
to 9 ft to 10 inch
65 to 107 cm
Average Tail7 to 13 cm17 to 26 cm
Average Height133 cm30 to 45 cm
HabitatArctic circle,
humid continental, sub, arctic
Wintry habitat
in northern rocky area
TeethCanines have
larger and sharper
Strong teeth
and claws
Weight350 to 7009 to 25 kg
Average Life SpanBeyond 25 years5 to 13 years
AreaArctic, Newfoundland island, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Norway, United statesNorthern Hemisphere,
Europe, US, Russia, Canada, Siberia,

Wolverine Vs Polar Bear is one of the brutal battles and it would be difficult to know who would win. According to a latest Alaska University report, a Wolverine has killed a Polar Bear. Wolverine would defeat the polar bear after a long fight and most of the people would be confused about how the Wolverine could win the battle. Normally, Wolverine is the top fearless species that has the capabilities to win every fight with the other wild animals.

Who Will Win the Fight?

Even though Polar Bear is much bigger in size and stronger in strength, it would be difficult for the Polar Bear to withstand the fight with the Wolverine. Polar Bear are good at endurance, aggression with bringing the right game plan.

Polar Bear is simply an astounding creature with Muscular, Strong Jaws and Claws that hunts its prey both on land and water. In fact, the wolverine could easily kill the polar bear or any other bear with improving its attacking strategy.

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