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Are you looking to compare Blue Whale Vs Humpback Whale fight, Blue Whales are marine mammal from the species baleen whales. Blue Whales can grow up to 29.9 meters in length and the maximum weight of 173 tonnes. Blue Whales are considered as the largest animal that has ever existed.

Humpback Whale is also of the species of Baleen Whale. Being larger rorqual species, Humpback Whales could grow at the length of 39 to 52 ft and they could weigh about 36,000 kg.

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Normally the humpback whale has distinctive body shape having the longer pectoral fins with a knobbly head. Both the Blue Whale and Humpback Whale are different in size so that they are not matched for each other.

Blue whale vs humpback whale

Facts About Blue Whale:

Balaenoptera Musculus or Blue Whale is the largest animal that is ever living on the planet. It is one of the biggest animals in the world even at the birth. Our world is covered by fascinating creatures however blue whale ranks in the most prime position.

Blue Whales weighs up to 200 tonnes that around 441,000 pounds. Blue Whales have big thumpers as their heart is huge as the size of a car. The tongue of a blue whale weighs as the whole size of the elephant. Blue Whales are enormous and gigantic ranging in length from 80 to 100 feet. Being longest animal ever recorded with the great 108 feet long.

Blue Whale is also considered as loudest animals on the planet. A jet engine has registered the sound of 140 decibels, and the call of the Blue Whale could reach 188 decibels. Blue Whales travel a lot and spend the summers feeding in the Polar Regions then make their trip to the Equator in winter. They could make the cruising speed of 5 MPH accelerating up to 20 MPH.

Facts About Humpback Whale:

Humpback Whale belongs to the same family as Blue Whale. The female Humpback Whale will be bigger than males as males will be 40 to 48, but females will be 45 to 50 feet. Humpback Whale feeds on krill and small shrimp-like animals, as well as small fish. They eat up to 1.5 tonnes a day mainly small fishes and shrimps. Baleen plates trap their food, and they filter food to be swallowed.

Humpbacks are generally acrobatic, and they could easily breech 40 tonnes of their weight completely out of the water. Humpback Whale sings with each population singing their unique song. Humpback Whale learns their songs them from each other.

Humpback Whale can migrate around the globe even from Antarctica to Pacific. They could easily give birth, breed and care their new-born calves even in the warm water.

Humpbacks are capable of thinking sophisticated, problem-solving, decision-making as well as better communication.

Comparison Between Blue Whale and Humpback Whale:

Normally, the Blue Whale will be much larger than the Humpback Whale. With larger in size, Blue Whale is the biggest creatures in the world, and they are not well known for hunting as they eat only shrimps and small fishes in vast extent. Humpback Whale is known for faster thinking with better hunting strategy. They are also known for migrating from one place to another at the more rapid pace during each season.

Humpbacks could easily inhabit all the main oceans with the wide band running from the Antarctic ice edge. Humpbacks populations are distinct, and species has international distribution with the seasonal observations suggesting the possible interactions in the hemisphere.

Blue Whale has longer tapering body appearing more stretched with the comparison with the stockier build on other whales. Unlike Humpback Whale, the Blue Whale has the flat and U-shaped head with the prominent ridge that runs in the blowhole to upper lip top.

I hope you like reading about Humpback Whale vs Blue Whale comparison.

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