Asiatic lion vs African lion fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Asiatic Lion vs African Lion?

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Lion is a king of the Jungle because many animals afraid of him as lion possesses special hunting ability. There are several lion families which grow in the wild.  Two of them includes African lion and Asiatic lion. It is fascinating to compare them based on family and characteristics.

Asiatic lion vs African lion

Although both belong to same species, still there are few minor differences in lions. Go further to know the difference between Asiatic lion vs African lion.

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Information about African Lion

It is common species of lion and found in large numbers in many parts of Africa. They known to be tallest member in lion family. Average African lion weights up to 120 to 190 Kg, and the body ranges from 1.5 to 2 meters. They are dangerous hunters, their size varies from environment to environment.

Mostly, the lions lived in a group called pride and females never leave the pride. they are efficient hunters and do it in a group, and most females go for hunting. They readily share foods with all and take a role in the most group activity.

Most often, they are well known for fearsome fighting and males do the pride to protect them. The average lifespan of African lion is 15 to 18 years in wild and almost up to 30 years in captivity. It has
larger population when compared with Asian lion. . They are faster as well as agiler to do hunting accordingly.

Information about Asian Lion

Asian lion belongs to the family Panthera Leo prescia. It is named as a subspecies of the African lion. They survive only in forest reserve area and do not survive in the tropical area. The Asian lion usually smaller than African lion and weights between 350 to 420 pounds accordingly. On the other side, female weight between 240 and 360 pounds. The height of the Asiatic lion will be 9 feet from the tip of its nose to the tail.

It is relatively short and sparse mane by giving visible at all times. It is less developed and darker than African lion. It has thicker elbow tufts and longer tail than African lion. It covers by little spine and function according to it.

The Asiatic lion has the longitudinal fold of skin which runs along with the belly. They are large in numbers(Pride) than African lion. Likewise, the Asiatic lion are highly sociable and live in social units called pride.

In fact, they tend to live more associated with female lion. It controls large territories and more quickly giving scare off rivals.

African lion vs Asiatic lion comparison

I personally think that if both lions- African vs Asiatic goes head to head then it is African lion who will going to win the fight as African lion is known for his hunting abilities and prey on larger animals.

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