Porcupine vs Dog fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Porcupine vs Dog?

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Have you ever seen quills on the face of Bulldog or any other dog? If yes then the question will arise in your mind, who is more powerful in winning the fight between Porcupine vs Dog. Here you can know comparison and difference between Dog vs Porcupine.

porcupine vs dog


Porcupines are herbivorous rodents mammals, indigenous to the Americas as well as southeast Asia and Africa. They are much larger, 2-3 feet long with an 8-10inch tail, and do not curl up.They are slow moving and large with sharp quills on their backs.Very few people keep them as pets. As it is potentially much more painful to interact with a porcupine.

Facts about porcupines.

Porcupine quills can be barbed, and quills are released by contact or sometimes if the porcupine shakes its body.Porcupines are found on every continent except Antarctica. So, scientists decided to group them into two groups: Old World porcupines and new world porcupines.Old World porcupines are mostly found in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

North, Central, and South America are occupied by new world porcupines. North American porcupine is the only species found in the United States and Canada.

Some porcupines body occupy 30,000 quills. But porcupines can’t shoot out their quills, They can only release their quills when predators get it touch with the animal.

Porcupines use the quills as a defense. They just shake their body, which makes them rattle. If that doesn’t work, they may charge backward into the predator. The quills are loosely attached, so they can easily attack but cannot be thrown or projected.

Facts about Dogs

A dog is a domesticated, carnivorous mammal often kept as a pet or service animal. Dogs bark, whine and howl at times. A dog is the best creature ever created. Yes, even above humans. They can sense electromagnetic fields, smells we cannot begin to sense, sounds, vibration and environmental factors.

They’re complex animals and are about as versatile as any creature on earth. Dogs and domesticated house cats are the only animals that make the most wonderful, loving, entertaining and companionable pets on this earth!

Dogs digestive system is designed to begin in their stomachs and small intestines. Their sharp teeth are mostly used for rending and tearing. Dogs are pack animals, and so think about being around a bunch of other hungry family members when you come across food (either hunting/killing or foraging). So the dog’s natural instinct is to jump in there and grab as much food as possible in as short a time as possible:

A typical dog has a mouthful of 42 permanent teeth, while the average human has 32.Dogs are part of Greek and Persian mythology.

Porcupine vs Dog  fight comparison- who will win?

According to the above facts, dogs can’t stand out with a porcupine for a longer time. Porcupine would kill an adult lion if the porcupine shot it at its face. Then what about a single porcupine with a dog. If a dog manages to kill the porcupine, it would die to the quills inside its body.

Dog’s face and mouth will be full of quills and drip his own blood.Porcupines don’t curl up into a ball, they erect their quills and then run backward, and those things are razor sharp and not particularly strongly attached to the porcupine.

Porcupine quills are not like needles that come out easily. They are barbed and once in an enemy, they quills don’t fall out easily. If a dog was in the wild, it would have starved to death as he couldn’t close his mouth. I hope you like reading an article on Porcupine vs Dog fight.

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