Dog vs King Cobra Snake fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Dog vs Snake?

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Most people have dogs as pets in their families, and we surely love them.  We wouldn’t want to see our dogs getting hurt in any way. But what would happen in case they were attacked by a snake? Let’s find out who would win in between the snake and the dog. We’ll start by examining the physical attributes possessed by the two to determine who is more superior.

dog vs King Cobra snake

Basic facts of Dogs

Dogs are probably the most social and faithful animals to man. In the U.S only the number of dogs living in households is 89.7 million. The most popular dog breeds are:

* Labrador retrieve

* German shepherd

* Golden retriever

* French bulldog

* Bulldog

One thing we can’t fail to talk about dogs is how smart these canines are. Most people measure how smart dogs are, in how fast they learn things, how they perform and whether they are able to remember the names of some of the important items as taught by human beings.

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The Border Collie (dog species) is believed to be the most intelligent dogs. The poodle and the German shepherd following closely. One thing you must learn about dogs is that they are very demanding and love to get all your attention. Dogs will obviously get bored and miss you when they are left the whole day alone.

And did you know that your dog’s sense of smell is 1000 to 10 million better than yours?  Mainly depending on the breed, the dog has 125 million to 300 million scent glands. Comparing this to the human scent glands which 5 million, you will notice the huge difference that lies between us and the dogs. As this is not enough, the part that controls smell in dogs is 40 times larger than that of man.

Facts about Snakes

There are about 3000 species of snakes in the world. 600 of the snakes being poisonous. Most people have developed a phobia towards snakes which is certainly acceptable because these reptiles have very dangerous bites which can even kill.

Snakes strike at a high speed, higher than the blink of an eye.  An average snake’s single bite contains about 450-600 milligrams of venom which is capable of causing death to most of its preys.  One thing you should note about the snake’s mouth is that it is capable of opening its mouth up to 150 degrees. This is the reason behind the snake’s ability to eat prey larger than its size. One area that a snake is quite disadvantaged is to do with movement.

Most people believe that snakes are extremely fast when it comes to movement; the truth is that snakes are quite slow. The average human can actually outrun most snake species. The Black mamba is fastest among snakes which can reach a speed of 20 km/h which is slightly above what most of us can run.

Did you know that not all snakes require males to reproduce? Quite weird. There are some Boa Constrictors (snake species) that are able to give birth through asexual reproduction.  Asexual reproduction is the reproduction without involving sex.

King Cobra Snake vs Dog  fight comparison- who will win?

If you thought that you were the only one who fears snakes, you are wrong, dogs too fear snakes. For hilarious reactions of dogs to snakes check here.

Snakes are poisonous and with only one bite the snake is capable of killing the dog. The dog is only capable of biting the snake which is not poisonous at all, therefore; it needs more time to bite the snake for it to die and knowing clearly this is a fight such time doesn’t exist. So the dog will end up getting bitten at long last and fading within minutes, making the snake the winner.

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