Iguana vs Cobra Snake fight Comparison- Who will win?

Who will win the fight between Iguana vs Snake?

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Iguana vs snake fight is a fight we’d all love to watch. Most of us would love to see how the iguana would behave in the eyes of a snake. But before we get to the fight lets first look at some of the facts of an iguana and a snake. Keep reading the article to know who is tougher than the other, is it the iguana or the snake?

snake vs iguana

Basic facts about the iguana

An iguana is a type of a lizard that is larger than the normal size lizard. They are mostly found in Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean islands.  There are 35 different types of iguana the most popular being the green iguana. The green iguana is actually domesticated.

What is the size of an iguana?

The smallest species of an iguana grows up to 12.5 to 100 cm while the largest grows 1.5m to 2 meters.  The Grand Cayman, also known as blue-hued iguana, is the largest of all iguanas.

In self-defense, the iguana uses its tail to punch the enemy away. It also has sharp teeth and strong jaws. They use them in self-defense against other animals when in danger. One amazing fact about the iguana is that if its tail is cut off it soon heals and goes back to the original size. The same characteristics are possessed by the lizards. The enemies of iguana are the birds of prey such as the hawk.

Basic facts of a Snake

Most reptiles are dangerous but the snake is the most feared by many. All the way from most religious books, the snake has been associated with evil and is seen as a bad omen to many. Surprisingly there are people who keep these animals as pets!

Getting to the facts, snakes are over 300 species. About 600 are known by man to be very dangerous. Snake bites are very dangerous because of the venom. The venom contains enzymes that paralyze the prey and also in helping digestion in the snake’s stomach.

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Amazingly, snakes have no external ears they only possess the internal auditory system which is the inner part of the ear. The snake also uses its tongue to smell.

In self-defense the snake uses its hissing sound to scare away the enemy, it also coils around the enemy to crush its bones. The snake knows that its bites are poisonous and so it can’t hesitate to use them against anyone trying to threaten it. The snake can also spit its venom to the enemy; the venom is known to cause blindness in human beings.

Snake vs. the iguana fight

A fight between a snake and an iguana can be mostly determined by the size and the species of the snake. There are different kinds of snakes with different size and different behaviors. Some are as large as the anaconda and some as small as LeptotyphlopsCarlae(the smallest snake in the world).

In our fight, we are going to use an average size snake, the cobra.  A cobra is a dangerous snake that has killed many. The snake is capable of spitting venom right at the eyes of the iguana and then biting the iguana in no time.

In self-defense, the iguana can use its tail to knock down the snake as well as its powerful jaws to bite the snake’s body. Bearing in mind a snake’s bite is poisonous; it, therefore, requires only one bite to put the iguana down. Actually, it will only require 30 minutes for the iguana to die after the bite.

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