Snake vs Cat fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Snake vs Cat?

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Cats are the most adorable pets we have in our homes. They love to play around, wriggle things and we can’t fail talk about how much we love them. But when it comes to a fight with other animals the cats can be quite dangerous. This article will compare the basic facts about the snakes and the cats and how fight involving the two would end.

Facts about snakes

There are different kinds of snakes, about 3000 but only 600 are known to be dangerous to man.  How do snakes reproduce? With the exception of a few, snakes normally lay eggs to reproduce. Snakes are considered one of the most dangerous animals to man. They are highly feared due to their poisonous bites that have been known to kill many.

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If you have ever seen a snake you might note some impressive features of this legless reptile. One, the snake has no ears. It has only the internal auditory system for hearing, which is internal. The snake also uses its tongue for smelling. Have you ever realized that the snake sleeps while its eyes wide open? Why? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, a snake has no eyelids. Instead of the eyelids, snakes have a small transparent scale that protects its eyes.

Unlike most wild animals, the snake is a relatively slow while when it comes to movement. Most wild animals run at great speed, but the snake is quite disadvantaged, possibly due to the lack of legs. An average man can actually outrun a snake in most circumstances.

Most snakes have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. Snakes vary in size some being large and others very tiny. Anaconda is known to be the largest snake in the world. The snake can grow at a length of 9 meters and can weigh about 270 kg.

Facts about Cats

Cats are some of the most adorable pets in our homes. They have been domesticated for around 4000 years in the world. Cats belong to the family Felidae, the family of cats. This family has most of the big names in the animal kingdoms such as the lion the cheetah and the tiger.

Just like the snake above, the cats can also have some interesting facts that you need to note. The snake’s heart beats at about 140 times per minute, compared to the human heart which beats around 80 times per minute. Cats can also produce 100 different sounds, compared to the dog which only produces 10 sounds. Just like the fingerprint in human beings, the print of a cat’s nose is different in every cat.

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Cats tend to fight amongst themselves due to numerous reasons. Some reasons can be as petty as, a cat experiencing pain in some part of its body and deciding to turn the aggression to the other cat by fighting with it.

Snake vs cat fight comparison- who will win?

A snake vs a cat fight can one long fight to be ever seen. Cats are experienced fighters and they will tend to lean backward and stand on their back. Using their paws they will throw short claws-out swipes at high speeds. The will also make short leaps to make sure they don’t get caught by the snake.

The snake on the other would respond by getting closer with its head upright and trying to bite the cat. The cat is not poisonous so its bites or claws cannot kill the snake but the only one bite from the snake will bring the cat down. The snake would also wrap itself around the cat and crash the cat’s bone leading to the cat dying.

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