Snake vs Monkey Fight comparison- Who will win?

Who will win the fight between Snake vs Monkey?

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Monkeys are the most intelligent animals after man. They are also very playful and sometimes very mischievous and due to this, we would all love to watch how the witty monkey would fight a snake. Before anything else let’s look at some of the facts about the monkey and the snake.

monkey vs snake

Basic facts of the snake

Snakes are carnivorous legless reptiles. There are over 3000 snakes species in the world, 600 of them being poisonous. Just like other reptiles snakes are cold-blooded. They, therefore, have to hibernate when it comes to the cold season.

One thing you should know about snakes is that they do not bite food, they, therefore, have to swallow the prey as it is whole for digestion in the body. Sometimes snakes have been spotted swallowing large prey such as antelopes and goats. This is made possible by their mouth which can open up to 150 % more than their normal size.

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Just like many reptiles, snakes can stay for months without eating. Thanks to their slow metabolism. There are some of snakes facts that you wouldn’t want to miss.

One of them being the absence of eyelids in snakes. They only have a transparent scale that protects the eyes. The snake also has no external ear. The snake possesses the internal auditory system which is not visible, making it seem like it has no ear.  The snake uses its tongue to smell. Every time the snake lashes its tongue out it collects small chemicals in the air which helps it to determine the smell around.

Unlike most wildlife animals, the snake has slower movement. An average human being can actually outrun most snakes.  This might be due to lack of legs. However, the fastest t snake in the world is the black mamba. The black mamba has an amazing speed of up to 20 km/hr.

Snakes are of different sizes, the largest one being the anaconda, while the smallest one being the Brahminy blind snake. The anaconda can be as long as 29 feet while the Brahminy blind snake can be a short as 2 ½ inches

 Basic facts of Monkeys

Monkeys are in the family hominoids,  which consists mainly of most apes such as gorillas chimpanzees gibbons and human beings. There are more than 260 monkeys in the world00.

One amazing thing about monkey s is that they are very intelligent and witty. They also are playful in character. The monkey’s intelligence is highly contributed by the large brain. The following are some of the intelligent habits of monkeys.

* They are able to communicate with each other.

* Monkeys are able to learn from their surrounding

* They are able to use tools to defend themselves against their enemies by use of tools.

What is the average size of a monkey?

The largest monkey is the Mandrill which is 55-56 cm tall while the smallest monkey is the pygmy marmoset which is about 117 to 152 mm tall.

How do monkeys defend themselves? For one, monkeys are very social creatures. So they tend to live in groups. These groups offer protection against enemies that the monkeys may face. Monkeys can use physical combat and vocalizations to scare their enemies.

Monkey vs Snake fight comparison- who will win?

Monkeys are aware of being close to a snake is being close to death. They will, therefore, be very careful when fighting with the snake. One thing you should note about snakes is that most of them are venomous enough to kill even with a single bite. Using this to their advantage they will, therefore, strike a lot until they get the monkey. In response, the monkey will jump around making sure it does not get bitten.

It can also use some fighting tools such as stones to try and put down the snake, but the snake too is capable of dodging them. And only by one bite the monkey will fade off and die of venom. Snake is surely winner here.

I hope you like reading article Monkey vs snake fight comparison.

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