Squirrel vs Rat fight comparison- who will win?

Squirrels are the cutest rodents I have ever seen. We, therefore, decided to feature a fight between this cute little rodents and rats to determine who would win in case they fought. Join us in reading this article to know between these two rodents to know who is the toughest. You will also learn some of the mind-blowing facts you’ve never heard about this two animals.

squirrel vs rat

 Squirrels facts

Squirrels are the nimble, bushy tailed rodents most in most woodland areas.  Squirrels are members of the family Sciuridae, a family that constitutes of medium-sized rodents. There are more than 200 species of squirrels. The four common squirrels species found in us include gray squirrels, fox squirrels, red squirrels and ground squirrels.  Other common squirrels you should take note of are the flying squirrel and the eastern gray squirrel.

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One amazing fact that squirrels are famous for, is the memory these little creatures have. Squirrels find food, nuts, bury them underground and later come back to where they buried the nuts months later when food is scarce. This is not only being very memorable but also smart.

Squirrels have 20 teeth, two upper incisors, two lower incisors and sixteen molars. One interesting thing about the squirrel’s teeth is that their front teeth grow in a highly curved trajectory manner in their whole lives. To keep them in the correct size squirrels must keep gnawing.

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Did you know that squirrels are good swimmers? Yes, squirrels have been spotted crossing lakes and while migrating to different countries

Basic facts about the rats

Rats are members of the family Muridae. The two main common species of rats are the black rat and the brown rat.  What is the average size of a rat? The brown rat weighs about 230 g while the black rat weighs about 110 – 340g. However, the largest rat in the world is the Sumatran bamboo rat which can weigh up to 4 kilograms.

Rats are very social creatures. They live in groups, a group of rats is known as mischief. They love living in groups and always avoid being lonely.

Five mind-blowing facts about rats you’ve never heard of

* Rats do take care of sick or injured members of their groups, just like human beings.

* Rats can make different sounds and are capable of making a happy-laughter sound especially when playing.

* If you thought camels are the only animals that can travel longest without water, then you are wrong . Rats can travel longer than camels without having to drink water.

* Rats tails are used in regulating body temperature, blood is pumped to the tail and due to the large surface area of the tail, blood loses the excess heat.

* Just like the human being, rats too can succumb to peer pressure. Funny? The brown rats actually face a lot of disregard from their peers due to their personal experiences. This may make them not to eat and therefore end up dying.

Squirrel vs rat fight- who will win?

If a squirrel and a rat are involved in a fight the squirrel is more likely to carry the day, and I’ll give you the reason why.

For one, squirrels are larger than most average size rats. When it comes to animal fights size matters a lot. The squirrel also tends to be twitchier, agile and have better flexes than the rat. Therefore, they will escape with ease from the claw swipes thrown by the rat.  The squirrel, being larger and stronger is more likely to bite and tear off the rat with its sharp teeth and claws leaving the rat fatally injured or dead.

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