Alligator vs African Lion Fight Comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Alligator and African Lion?

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Lions are referred to as the kings of the jungle. They are one of the most fierce and skilled hunters in the African grasslands. And due to this we, therefore, thought it better to feature a fight between the lion and one of the toughest reptiles, the alligator. In this article, you’ll get to know some of the basic facts of the lion and the alligator and also get to know between the alligator and the lion – who will win?

Facts about alligators

Alligators belong to the family Alligatoridae, a close relative to the crocodile. There are two types of alligators, the Chinese alligators, and the American alligators. The American alligators are quite larger than the Chinese alligators. The American alligators are 3-4.6 m and weigh about are 230 kg. The Chinese alligators are 1.5 m and have a 36 kg.

alligator vs lion

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Alligators are skilled hunters, though not very choosy on what they eat. They will typically consume any small animal they will find appealing. Their diet will mostly consist of fish smaller reptiles and birds and mollusks. Alligators will swim at a speed of about 20 mph (32.18 km/hr.) and run as fast as 11 mph ( 17.7 km/hr.) on land.

How do the alligators reproduce?

Just like most reptiles and the crocodiles, the alligators lay eggs when reproducing. The males mate with several females in one season which later lay eggs. One amazing thing about the alligator’s babies is that they are self-dependent right from birth. They can feed can run, hunt and even feed themselves right from birth.

Lion facts

Lions are large members of the cat family. Cats belong to the family Felidae, the largest feline being the tiger followed by the lion.

Where are the lions found?

The lions are found in African grasslands and some parts of Asia. Here they will hunt gazelles, zebras wildebeest, and other browsers. Lions are social animals. They will live in groups of up to 40 members. The pride of the lions will consist of up to 3 males, the rest are females with their children. However this each group of lions has its own territory and will at no point cross the territory of the other lions.


Males are 1.2 m long and can weigh about 190kg. The females have a length of 1.1 m and have a weight of about  130 kg. Lions have a muscular chest and a rounded head, it also has reduced ears and neck.  The mane is a notable feature in the lion males.

Did you know that just like the other cats baby lions are born with spots? So where do the spots go? The spots fade as the time, as the baby lion gets older the spots fade.

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Just like the other cats, lions do have an amazing speed. They can reach speeds of up to of 80 km/hr. when running in short burst.

Lion vs Alligator fight comparison- who will win?

The alligators first line of defense are their mouth. They have very powerful jaws and sharp teeth which they use when in danger. However, the alligator is quite slow and can’t be compared to the lion. The lion is very fast and will always avoid bites from the alligator.

We can also agree that the lion is a powerhouse. It is able to hunt larger prey than itself such as buffaloes, zebras, and young elephants. Therefore to the alligator is not a big deal. The lion only has to avoid bites from the alligator and use its powerful mouth to bite the alligator’s neck.

I hope you like African lion vs Alligator fight comparison.

2 Replies to “Alligator vs African Lion Fight Comparison- who will win?”

  1. Uh..really? And alligator is not a big deal? Keep in mind that even if a lion got behind the gator he’d have to try and bite through its skin, which is strong enough to keep a bullet out.
    And, hey, know what else hunts zebras and buffalo? Crocodiles!
    You know what’s very similar to a croc? A gator!
    Also also! Lion can’t single handedly hunt an adult buffalo, because the buffalo would murder a single lion. It would take at least two lions to hunt a lone female buffalo, even more for an adult male. And it takes the whole clan to even hunt one juvile elephant!

    I agree that the lion would in most cases would scare off the alogator, or kill it, because alligators are less aggressive than the crocodile, which would probably kill a lion or scare the lion away, but don’t just brush the aligator off like it’s no big deal. If that gator got one good bit on the lion skull, arm or neck? It could very well end its life.

  2. I doubt this, it’s not going to be so easy like that, though lion have the upper hand on ground but in water, it’s going to be difficult, I’d rather give it to jaguar

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