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At times you may wonder what would happen if a fight between one and many animals occurs. However, there are various reasons that may contribute to the success of either of the animals. If several less stronger animals fight a strong animal, there are high chances that they will lose despite their large number. If both species are similar and the difference between them is small, numbers will determine the success of the fight. Follow the article to know Rat vs mice comparison and difference.

rat vs mice

Let us look at an interesting example of a fight between a rat and mice.

Facts on Rats

Rats are generally small in size and are considered as harmful rodents. These small-sized animals have an average weight range of 350 to 650 grams. However, the size of rats is dependent on sex. Females tend to be small than males. Female rats weigh 350-450 grams. On the other hand, males are more than 450 grams in weight.

The size of a rat is about 10 inches without its tail. Depending on breeding, rats vary in color as well as the pattern of their coat. Even though common colors such as brown, gray, and black occur, there are other amazing colors of rats such as lynx, silver lilac, and blue.

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Did you know that some rats are born in absence of a tail. Another surprising thing is that there are those that are born hairless. Failure to have either hair or a tail could be a major limiting factor. The lifespan of rats is about 3 years. The tail of a rat measures between 7 and 9 inches. Rats are not well adapted to hunting meaning that they consume readily available products. These small animals eat both animal foods and plants.

Rats have strong teeth that can eat hard nuts and seeds. A rat has an outstanding ability to hear low frequency sounds that you cannot detect. This is a special adaptation that allows it to detect food and predators such as cats.

The incisors of rats grow as long as it is alive. If the animal does not gnaw, the incisors could protrude thus resulting to challenges while eating food. Incisors have the ability to grow continuously and curl in the mouth. The rat has 16 strong teeth that help it to eat strong materials.

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The jaw muscles of rats are quite strong thus allowing them to chew strong pipes and concrete. Rats are not aggressive and hide in case of danger. When they are suddenly attacked, they may bite. In most cases, such bites occur due to fear. A rat’s skin could also carry zoonoses.

Facts on Mice

When compared to rats, mice are smaller in size. An adult mouse only weighs about 28 grams. The length of these small creatures ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 inches long. Like most other animals, sex determines the size of mice. You can obviously guess that males will be larger than females. Different species of mice also occur in various color variation. For example, there is gray, albino, and tan colored mice. Mice live for an average of 2 years. Mice are also not aggressive so they run in case of danger.

Fight between Rat vs Mice- who will win?

This is a fight between one animal and several. These two animals are similar with minor differences between them. The only major difference is that mice are smaller than rats. In terms of aggressiveness and predatory ability, they are both limited to consuming small insects and other less dangerous reptiles.

If mice gathered to fight one rat, there are high chances that the latter will be defeated because it is not strong enough to fight them all. Several bites from mice will cause harm to the rat thus weakening it within a short time.

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