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Sheep are considered to be one of the most humble and timid animals. However, we need to appreciate the fact that there are some facts about these animals we don’t know. Some people often confuse themselves with sheep and lamb and use the name interchangeably. Here comes sheep vs lamb comparison and difference.

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This article brings you some of the facts that you probably never knew about the sheep. Keep calm and enjoy some cool facts we are bringing you.

sheep vs lamb

Sheep and lamb

The two words seem confusing but the fact is that the lamb is a young one of a sheep. Other names you ought to be familiar with are: ewe – female sheep

Ram –male sheep

Wether – castrated male sheep

A group of sheep – a flock /herd

The first sheep were domesticated an around 5000 BCE. The remains have been found in many archeological sites in Europe and Central Asia. Sheep are ruminant mammals in the family Bovidae. The domestic cat is much related to cattle and goats.

These animals are ruminants have multiple chambers in their stomachs. Sheep are reared by very many farmers in the world. It is estimated there are about 1 billion sheep worldwide. Sheep are reared for their meat and wool. The major exporters of mutton( sheep’s meat ) are Australia, New Zealand, and China. These countries have large grassland areas.

There are more than 200 breeds of sheep in the world. the most common one being:

Merino sheep     Suffolk sheep, Dorset horn,Dorper and Hampshire sheep


A Sheep is a ruminant. It chews cud which enables its stomach to easily digest its food. The sheep has four chambers in its stomach; they ensure that the grasses and any other herbs are thoroughly digested.


Sheep have a gestation period of 142-152 days. Occasionally, sheep do give birth to twin lambs which is a great advantage to the farmer. Lambs are born with an average weight of 4-8 pounds. The lambs reach maturity at around 5 to 12 months of age. After this time they are ready to start breeding.

Did you know: the sheep has a vision of around 300 degrees. This wide vision enables the sheep to see behind without turning their head. However, even with this wide range of vision, the sheep have a poor eyesight. Its poor eyesight is compensated for its great sense of hearing.

One thing you ought to know is the sheep don’t have teeth in the upper jaw. They have a rough pad which they use to press plants when uprooting. In total, a sheep has eight teeth.

The main predators of the sheep include coyotes, dogs, bears, foxes, and eagles. Sheep will tend to move in large flocks which make them very vulnerable to attack by their predators. Most farmers with large sheep will use dogs while grazing to scare away these predators and keep the sheep safe.

One great benefit from sheep is their wool. The sheep’s wool makes very durable fiber.  The fiber is wrinkle resistant fire resistant and absorbs moisture very well. sheep’s wool has been used for many years to make sweaters, coats, rugs, blankets etc.

You can also watch the youtube video given below-

Sheep vs Lamb Fight comparison

Obviously, Sheep being the older will win the fight.  I hope you like an article on Sheep vs Lamb comparison and difference.

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