Crow vs Raven fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Crow vs Raven?

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Bird fights are the most interesting fights we’d all love to watch. In this article well talk more about crows and ravens. You’ll get to know more about these birds and also get to know in case they fought who would win-  Raven vs Crow So..let’s get started.

crow vs raven

Crows and ravens difference and comparison

You might be wondering what’s the difference between the crows and ravens.  But actually, there’s no real distinction between “crows and ravens”. The names have been assigned to the birds chiefly on the basis of the size of the birds. both birds actually belong to the same genus Corvus. The genus Corvous is a collection of widely distributed medium sized birds. they are all black in color but have slight differences in sizes. The crows are generally smaller than the Ravens.

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So based on the difference in size let’s take a look at the crows.

Crows Facts

There are about 40 species of crows and all have different sizes. The American crow has a length of 40 -53 cm and has a weight of 320 g – 620 g. The fish crow has a length of around 48 cm and has a weight of about 280 g. Crows are known for their amazing intelligence. Research has also shown that crows teach other crows to recognize human beings as their predator.


Crows will be found in almost any place in the world. They will prefer open areas and will be commonly found on tidal flats orchards savannas and agricultural fields. They will avoid forest areas because they will more vulnerable to predators.

What do Crows eat?

Most crows are omnivorous meaning they will eat almost anything. Their diet will mostly comprise of insects grains fruits worms and even other birds.  Some will even feed on carrion.  They have been known to damage farmers crops in most parts of the world. they are also notorious for consuming other birds eggs.

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Ravens, as mentioned above, is the big size version of the crows. They also have heavier bills and hoarser voices. The largest raven is the common raven which measures 63 cm ( 25 inches ) and has a weight of 1.2 kgs.

Apart from the size, the Ravens are quite different when it comes to their social life the crows you’ll notice the Ravens tend to travel in pairs while the crows travel in large groups.

How do crows and ravens defend themselves?

Crows and raven have very robust and sharp claws. They are also highly aggressive. Their large size especially the ravens is very useful when attacking or defending themselves against their prey. Most of their predators will include foxes, wolves and cats. However, they are rarely caught, thanks to their intelligence which enables them to evaluate situations and keep away from predators.


Crows and the Ravens have a similar reproduction. They will build their nests on tall sturdy trees, then lay about 5 eggs. The eggs have a light green color. The male and female will join together and sit on the eggs for18 days, after which the eggs will hatch. And after 35 days the babies are ready to leave the nest.

Ravens vs crows fight comparison- who will win?

Normally crows gang up to drive the Ravens away probably because the raven might start preying on them. Though a fight between this two is uncommon since they belong to the same family, but you can easily tell that the Ravens can easily win this fight. The Ravens are larger than the crows and possibly even smarter.  They will easily fight the crows since they have a smaller size than they have.

You can also watch youtube video given below-

I hope you like reading an article on Crow vs raven fight.

16 Replies to “Crow vs Raven fight comparison- who will win?”

  1. Raven looks like a crow, but bigger and lager in size. It has a blue or purple tint. Its wings are deliberately larger and 16 inches to 36 inches when spread, can you believe it? I have never seen so, but maybe we should look more often to them.

  2. Crows are so common, we don’t really look at them, but people say that they eat all the dirty things and keeps the city clean.

  3. Who is interested to look at the crows? They are always flying and cawing, they have a very rough voice.

  4. Hmm, you can say that, but think, if you never the crow cawing, how would you feel? No city will be same again! Without crows, common cities will become uncommon.

  5. Crows are just the same like raven, only raven are shiny and larger. They do have a deep throaty voice.

  6. We see crows fly, but we never think, about the width of their wings, when they spread it. It is 32 to 40 inches, I never imagined that. Good information.

  7. If you compare both of them, you will see just as it is shown in this video. The raven is as big as a red small sized hawk and a crow is just as the size of a pigeon. The crow has an ash shade and light black mixed shade. The raven has hair on top of the beak but the crow does not have.

  8. The crow lives only 8 years, who would believe? All the crows flying in the sky, who can say, what their age is? The raven lives 30 years, but they are less seen.

  9. The colors, the voice, tails and wings were described properly but not shown, it could have been better if they were cawing or making noise.

  10. We can guess, and for the children, teachers can explain that the difference of the raven and the crow. In the video the crow has a close view and so has the raven.

  11. The fighting between both is never seen. The raven is bigger in size, so obviously the raven is going to win.

  12. People compare quarreling ladies voice with the crow’s caws, ha ha ha, it would have been wonderful, if we heard that.

  13. That is a mean thing to say! Lol, leave human being from those birds. I like ravens, they are attractive, the size, the colors, everything is a beauty.

  14. Children from my Play class liked to see the crows and the raven. They wanted to hear the voice too. Children enjoy when they see, the common type of birds, random seen on the streets, on the trees.

  15. “Grapes are sour”, heard the story? Whenever I see a crow, I remember those words. To me, crows are related to the story. But there should have been a fox too.

  16. Some people say that ravens are some kind of symbol of death or maybe the crow cleans the city and ravens are a carrier of angels. These all are a kind of superstitions! There are some people who believe in this kind of superstitions, some don’t believe. Some people believe that crows are a medium of a black art, which is actually a different cult. It is not common in common people. Actually the raven and the crow is the most common types of bird in Asian region.

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