Fox vs Dog fight comparison- who will going to win?

Who will win the fight between Fox vs Dog?

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Dogs are the most lovable creatures one can have in their homes. In the US it is estimated that 60 million families own a dog in their household, making it the most popular and most loved pet in the world. No one would love to love to see their dog attacked, Right? But what would happen if the dog was attacked by a fox? Who would win? This and may other question will be answered in the article below. We will first look at some of the physical attributes of both animals that will help us determine which of this two animals is the toughest. So..let’s get started.

Fox vs dog

Fox facts

Fox belongs to the family Canidae. Canidae family comprises mostly of dogs, coyotes, wolves, jackals and other such animals. The fox has a triangular head with upright ears and a flattened skull. It also has a bushy tail is bushy. There are about 37 species of foxes 25 of them being ranked as extinct.

Fox Size

The size of foxes differ, the red fox has a height of 35-50 cm and a weight of about 2.2 -14 kg. while the fennec fox has a height of about 20 cm and a weight of about 1.68 to 1.6 kg.

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The fox has an amazing speed of about 50 km/hr.

Fox Diet

Just like dogs foxes are omnivores. Typically a fox diet will constitute of lizards, rats, mice fruits bugs fish crab and anything else they will find palatable.  Foxes will eat 0.5 to 1 kilogram of food per day.

Fox Reproduction

Reproduction of fox is much similar to that of a dog. They will mate then the female carries her pups for a period of about 53 days. After the gestation period is over the female will give birth to her cubs and after a period of about 7 months, they are ready to venture on their own.

Dog facts

Just like the fox dogs belong to the family Canidae. It is considered a subspecies of the gray wolf.there are more than 150breeds of dogs. They are divided into 8 categories working, herding, miscellaneous, toy and so on. Dogs are known for their unique relationship with the human being. They have been used to perform various tasks such as herding, for military services for military services and many other areas. In fact, dogs have been rated as the most loved cat in the US.

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Did you know: a dog’s sense of smell is 40 times better than the human? The dog has a wet nose which enables it to catch scents in the air to determine the smell. Also, the dog’s center of smell is much larger than the human being.

The dog is able to recognize each person’s scent. It is also said that to the dog the human beings stink because they recognize the human being by his or her odor. However, dogs don’t have the best eyesight. the human being has a better sight than the dog.

Dogs have a lifespan of about 10-13 years.

Fox vs Dog fight comparison- who will win?

The dog will tend to emerge the winner in this fight and ill give you the reason. For one the fox is not as large as the dog. They will tend to avoid any challenge from the dog by running an hiding. foxes most likely will attack smaller animals such as the cats but not as large as the dogs.

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