Fox vs Gray wolf fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Fox vs Gray Wolf?

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The fox is known to be very cunning, but other than that there are lots of amazing things you didn’t know about the fox. In this article, we will compare Gray wolf vs  Fox. Join me as I take you through some amazing facts about this two animals that you probably haven’t heard of. You will also get to know
between the wolf and the fox who’s tougher. So… let’s get started.

Fox vs gray wolf

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The wolf

Wolves are carnivorous mammals that belong to the family Canidae. They are well known for howling in the forest moonlight The wolves are very intelligent animals. We can well see in the uprightness of their ears, pointed muzzles, the sharpness of the teeth plus the inquiring eyes in addition to other facial

They have stamina built bodies, narrow chests and powerful hind legs are made to help in
efficient movement as the move for very long distances. Male wolves have an average size of 43-45 kg
while a female wolf has an averaging size of about 36-38.5 kg. The wolf can run for about 6miles per hour and at a speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour during a chase.

They hunt in the packs of about six wolves. This pack is initiated when a male and female meet and live
together. They, therefore, get a place and raise the cubs there. The cubs stay with their parent until they are mature enough to leave home. It usually happens when the cub is about three years old, and the condition allows them to find a mate.

The Fox

Foxes are members of the Canidae family. Other members of the Canidae family include Jackals wolves
and dogs. The fox displays qualities of a typical carnivorous animal. Passion, loyalty, and creativity.
Please do not misunderstand it for shyness, and retreating animal! These are its survival tactics as a
small animal.


On average foxes are the same size as medium-sized dogs. They are light in weight and can weigh as
little as 680 grams and as much as 11 kg. Foxes are found in every continent except in Antartica. They
live in grasslands mountains and forested areas.


Fox feeds on a variety of foods like the nuts berries, insects, small animals like the forest squirrels, green grass also supplements its diet. This animal values perfection, and therefore it’s choosy when it comes to friendship and mates it prefers two to three companions. In addition to the social life, it also likes exploring different places including mountain tops.

Foxes are nocturnal, they will tend to do all the hunting at night. they also have an amazing eyesight. Their eyes have vertical slit pupils, much like the ones we see in the domestic cat. And did you know that foxes can run up to 72 km/hr.? This is actually, that’s even faster than the lion.

Gray Wolf vs Fox fight comparison- who will win?

The fight between the wolf and the fox is fascinating if not exciting! The first point to jot down is the
difference in sizes between the two animals. Foxes are smaller than the wolves. Wolves are way bigger
and more dog-like. They also have a more a larger muscular body than the foxes. this huge gap in the
sizes means a lot when the two get to fight. The fox will absolutely lose the fight with a lot of bites from
the wolf.

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