Hamster vs Rat fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Hamster vs Rat?

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Most people do not know the difference between a rat and a hamster. These two animals are similar in appearance but have distinct features. Of course you may wonder which of them would win if they engaged in a fight. You obviously assume that the bigger animal is more likely to be stronger and more successful in the fight. Now that you want to predict the winner, do you know the characteristics of these two animals? Let us have a close look at these characteristics.

rat vs hamster

Facts about Rat

A rat is pigeon-sized and can be classified as a medium-sized rodent. Rats and mice are difficult to distinguish due to their negligible differences. Rats have dexterous forepaws, hairless tails, and a pointed muzzle. Rats are nocturnal animals that are well adapted to live in most environments. Some of the common species of rats include the rice-field rat, Palm rat, Australian swamp rat, and the Spiny rat among others. The black, Norway and Brown rats are most common.

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Rats can live for a range of 2 to 3 years. Their length is between 8 and 10 inches. Their tail is about 7 inches long. Rats can weigh up to 300 grams. It is worth noting that their body is broad, short and stubby. The muzzle of rats is blunt and large. Even though these animals are small, they are highly aggressive and well adapted to harsh environments. They are also omnivores that attack smaller rodents such as mice. Rats rarely bite so do not fear to catch one.

Facts about Hamster

Same as rats, hamsters are omnivores that prefer eating vegetables, nuts, and dried foods among other types of foods. These tiny animals have an extra layer of skin. This layer in their cheeks is used to store and transport food. Interestingly, hamsters live solitary lives. Hamster can be quite aggressive if kept where other animals are. Did you know that if a mother hamster suspects danger it eats its young one? This clearly indicates that these animals are scared easily. Male hamsters are known to attack young ones.

Hamsters have the same life cycle as rats. However, they are larger than rats thus grow up to 34 cm. Their body length ranges between 2.2 and 4.1 inches. The size of their tail is not more than 2.4 inches. Another notable difference is that hamsters are heavier than rats. The average weight of adult hamsters is about 500 grams. Hamsters tend to be stronger than rats due to their wide and short feet. They are also stout-bodied. Hamsters are also omnivores that feed on vegetables; fresh fruits, nuts, and berries among other foods.

A fight between a rat and a hamster

A fight between these two small creatures could be interesting to watch. There are high chances that the fight could be challenging for both animals because there is a small difference in their physical abilities. Now that you understand their characteristics, you can easily predict the winner. A rat is smaller in size and can easily fit in small spaces.

If the two animals are attacking each other, the hamster could win. One of the main reasons behind this prediction is that hamsters are aggressive and tend to be stronger than rats. Their weight is also larger than that of rats meaning that its bite could be quite strong. We cannot also underestimate the strong jawbones and teeth of rats that can bite nuts and concrete. If the rat gets a chance, it can easily tear the skin of the hamster. However, if the two animals fight for an extended period, a hamster could win based on its dominant physical ability.

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