Leopard vs Hyena Fight Comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Leopard vs Hyena?

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Most likely you can easily tell who’s going to win in this fight. But one thing we must acknowledge is that there are some amazing facts you surely don’t know about the leopard and the hyena. This article will be revealing some astonishing facts about the leopards and the hyena that will live you amazed but surely enjoyed. So…. Let’s get started with a comparison between Leopard vs Hyena.

hyena vs leopard

Facts on Hyena

The hyena is a carnivoran mammal in the family Hyaenidae.  There are four species of the hyena which have no major differences among them except their sizes.  The four species are the spotted hyena the brown hyena and the striped hyena and the aardwolves. They have a mass of 40- 50 kgs and a height of 70 to 90 cm. The striped hyena is much smaller than the rest with a mass of 22 -55 kg and a height of 60-80 cm.

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Hyena Diet

Most of the Hyena species are carrion eaters. They will eat meat from what the other hunters have gathered. Some will actually kill the prey themselves especially if it’s not that big. They can hunt for porcupines, eggs, birds and even fish all by themselves.  Unlike the other species, the aardwolves hyena eats only termites.

Most of the hyena species are found in Africa. They are well adapted to many habitats, they can live well in the woodlands savannas and in the sub-desert areas, they don’t have one that we can call a specific habitat.  The different types of hyenas are found in different places… The striped hyena is found in North Africa and in some parts in the middle east. The brown hyena is found only in the southern African part, in the Namib and Kalahari deserts. Aardwolves are found in Zambia Mozambique and Angola.

One surprising fact you need to know about the hyena is, even with its shorter limbs they can run at a speed of 60km/hr. it also has a very strong bite, stronger than that of the lion. The Spotted Hyena, for example,  has a bite force of 1100 psi, compared to the 600 psi of the lion you’ll notice how powerful the hyena is.

Facts about Leopard

Leopard is a member of the family Felidae. The leopard has a golden body with black spots all over. The spots are known as rosette spots since they resemble the rose flower. The leopard has a height of 60 – 70cm and has a weight of about 31 kg for males. The females weigh much less, about 20 kg. This makes it easier to tell a male from a female leopard- the males are much stockier and larger while the females are smaller.

Just like most cats leopards run at an amazing speed of 58 km/hr.

Leopard Habitat

Leopards are quite adaptable in most parts of the world. They live in a variety of habitats, in forests mountains and grasslands.

Leopards like to spend most of their time alone. They will also hunt at night. Their long tails are very useful in helping them maintain balance when making sharp turns while hunting. Their diet mostly comprises of baboons, gazelles birds warthogs large birds and antelopes. They also love taking their meals on up on the trees to avoid competition from the other hunters. Leopards are very territorial and will rub their body or urinate on barks of trees to leave their unique scent which will keep the other leopards away.

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Leopards vs Hyena fight comparison- who will win?

Leopards are aggressive and powerful hunters.  They are more used in taking down large animals than the hyena. It is also larger in size and experienced when it comes to killing. I will go with Leopard as winner between them.

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