Lizard vs Snake Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Who will win the fight between Snake vs Lizard?

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Even though snakes and lizards are from the same reptilian order they are very different from each other. This article brings you the basic facts worth noting about these two animals. We are also going to look at some unheard but interesting facts about the lizard and the snake and finally get to know who is the toughest among the two animals. It is interesting to watch snake vs lizard fight.

snake vs lizard

Facts about Lizards

There over 4,675 species of lizards present in the world, some with four legs others with two legs and others without legs at all. Some even have horns and wings. Lizards also have very different colors, from grey to red to green, more than you can imagine.

Lizards Size

Lizards have long bodies long tails and generally small heads. With the many species, you can be sure that lizards vary greatly in size. The largest being the Komodo dragon which can grow as long as 3 meters and weigh up to 80 kg( 176 lbs). the smallest being the dwarf gecko which is 1.6 cm (0.6 inches) long and weighs only 120 milligrams (0.0042 ounces).

Where do lizards live?

Lizards are found in almost all places in the world. Some live in desert rocks others in vegetation in the ground while others prefer to live in trees. Being coldblooded, finding lizards sunbathing in the morning on rocks is a common sight in the morning in most of their habitats.  Some lizards are territorial and some are just social enough to live with the other different species.

Most lizards are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat while others are omnivores- they eat meat and plants. Some lizards reproduce by laying eggs, they lay 8 to 23 eggs, while others give birth to live young ones after a gestation period of about 12 months.

One interesting thing about lizard babies is that most of them are self-sufficient, they can walk run and even feed themselves right from birth.

Facts about Snakes

Snakes are members of the Serpents family.  There are over 3000 snakes worldwide being located in every continent except Antarctica.

Snakes vary in size with the largest being the anacondas and the smallest being the LeptotyphlopsCarlae. Contrary to a common belief not all snakes are poisonous, out of the 3000 snakes only  600 snakes are poisonous. The most venomous of them all being the inland taipan. The inland taipan is capable of producing 11 mg of venom which can kill 100 humans.

The venom has a capacity of killing the human being within 45 minutes, luckily there has never been a fatality ever recorded. The saw-scaled viper, even though not the most venomous, it is responsible for more human deaths than any other snake in the world. This is because they are mostly found in populated areas. Other venomous snakes are the black mamba the death udder eastern brown snake and the bleacher’s sea snake.

One interesting thing about snakes is that they do not possess eyelids and the external ear. They only have a translucent scale for the eyelids.

Snakes vs lizards fight comparison- who will win?

What will mostly determine the results of this fight will be the size of the two animals. But taking the average snake size and the average lizard size, the snake is more likely to emerge the winner. The snake is poisonous and very swift when it comes to striking, it will striking even faster than you can blink. The only defense the lizard has is its bite, which does not have any effect to the snake since it is poisonous.

But what will grant the snake success is its ability to constrict the lizard. The snakes are known to constrict their prey to a point they can’t breathe anymore, leading to their death. However, killing a lizard is not an easy task. And some snakes even die or get fed on by lizards especially if they are the komodo-sized ones.

You can even watch this video.

I hope you like reading about Lizard vs snake fight comparison.

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