Philippine Eagle Vs Harpy Eagle Fight Comparison,who Will Win?

Who will win fight between Philippine Eagle vs Harpy Eagle?

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Comparing the habitat and diet of eagles, researchers have found that both the Philippine Eagle and the Harpy Eagle are the top predators and there are no birds that have been found to be greater predators than them. So, here we are comparing Philippine Eagle vs Harpy Eagle.

The Philippine eagles are found only in the Philippine mostly, particularly in Japanese Luzon, Leyte, Samar, and Mindanao. However, the Harpy Eagle is found in South America and Mexico. It is also called the Royal Hawk and is particularly found more in Brazil.

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Due to prevalent deforestation and loss of their habitat, both the Harpy Eagle and the Philippine eagle have lesser prey, with the Philippine eagle more affected because of greater deforestation in Philippine. The Philippine eagle chases large victims like Philippine deer, monkeydeadly snakes, flying foxes and much more. On the other hand, the harpy eagle will usually hunt both big and small prey, ranging from lizards to sloths and monkeys. The Philippine eagle prefers to hunt animals that reside in the trees mainly.

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What are some interesting Philippine Eagle facts?

What are some interesting Philippine Eagle facts?

Philippine Eagle also referred to as the Monkey eating eagle, is considered to be the biggest extant species of eagles in the world in terms of length and wingspan. It is a bit larger than the American harpy eagle.

A current look at the Philippine Eagle’s DNA indicates that the Eagle has a completely unique evolutionary history. A study of their DNA sequence conducted initially suggested that they are related to the Crested Eagle, Harpy Eagle, and the brand new Guinea Harpy Eagle.

All three are associated genetically but they’re found to be not closely related to the Philippine Eagle. It’s now established that the nearest relative to the Philippine Eagle are the much smaller snake eagles.

How big is a Philippine Eagle?

How big is a Philippine Eagle?

Looking at the current data the Philippine eagle is the largest eagle that has a massive height of 3.4 feet whereas it’s near competitors, the harpy and steller’s sea eagles are a bit smaller with a length of 3.2 feet for harpy and 3.1 feet inch for steller’s sea eagle.

Like some other animals, the Philippine eagle adult males are smaller than the females, where females weigh around 7 kg and males weigh about 4.5 kg – 5.4 kg. They are the tallest Eagles in the globe even though some professionals believed the harpy eagle to be the biggest one. But researchers have discovered that certain Philippine eagles are bigger than harpy eagles, although Harpy Eagles are very tall.

What does Philippine Eagle look like?

What does Philippine Eagle look like?

The Philippine Eagle’s nape is adorned with lengthy brown feathers that shape a shaggy crest. These feathers render it the appearance of possessing a lion’s mane, and it resembles the mythical Griffin. This Eagle has a dusky face and an attractive crown and nape.

The back part of the Philippine Eagle is dark brown, and the bottom and underwings are white. It’s also known as “Haribon” which means king of the birds because it has the mane of a lion which makes it different from all the other birds. The heavy legs are yellow with huge, powerful dark claws, and the prominently large, excessively-arched, deep beak is bluish-gray. The eagle’s eyes are blue-grey.

The Juvenile Eagles are much like adults except that their upper part feathers have faded fringes.

What are some interesting Harpy Eagle Facts?

What are some interesting Harpy Eagle Facts?

The Harpy Eagle is an enormous raptor and certainly one of the most important Eagles on the planet.  In the preceding article the harpy eagle’s bodily measurements and features were provided to compare Harpy Eagle Vs. Steller’s sea eagle. However, we have again provided the bodily measurements and features for your understanding of the comparison between Harpy Vs. Philippine eagle.

Where is Harpy Eagle found?

Where is Harpy Eagle found?

It can be observed in some countries in South America. Harpy eagle inhabits lowland tropical rainforests, and every now and then open forest. It prefers areas with tall bushes that offer sufficient food. Habitat loss and intentional killing are important threats to the survival of harpy eagles in the wild.

Is the Harpy Eagle endangered?

Is the Harpy Eagle endangered?

The Harpy eagle is listed as near threatened who means that it can grow to be endangered in the near future. According to the IUCN the Philippine eagle is ‘seriously endangered’ while the harpy eagle is in a ‘near threatened’ status.

What is the color of Harpy Eagle?

What is the color of Harpy Eagle?

The back and top wings of a harpy eagle are very dark gray. Its undersides and legs are white. Other than that, an extensive dark collar is present everywhere its neck. Harpy eagles have gray heads and have feathered crests which they raise when they feel threatened. It is the notion that the harpy eagle is adapted such that the feathers around its face direct sound towards its ears.

How many eggs does a Harpy Eagle lay?

Harpy eagle lays two eggs from which if one is hatched then the other is neglected by the female harpy eagle. However, the Philippine eagle may additionally lay the beat one egg and eggs on occasion.

Philippine Eagle and Harpy Eagle comparison

I am going to compare both eagles according to their body measurement, food habits, habitat, and behavior through a table given below-

BirdsPhilippine EagleHarpy Eagle
Average  Body Length3 ft. 4 inch3 ft. 2 inch
Wing Span6 ft. to 7 ft. 3 inch5 ft. 10 inch to 7 ft. 5 inch
Average Weight7 kg7.6 kg
AreaPhilippinesMexico and South America
StatusCritically EndangeredThreatened
Average Life Span40 years30 years

Philippine Eagle vs. Harpy Eagle – Who will win the fight?

Philippine Eagle vs. Harpy Eagle

It is very hard to say which eagle has more power to win in the battle between them. If these eagles meet in a face to face combat then the harpy eagle will win due to its sturdy physical structure and because it has evolved itself to become a truly dominant and skilled predator in the wild for a greater number of years.

Harpy eagle’s claws are more powerful compared to any other eagle’s claws. The claws are identical in shape to that of grizzly bears claws which enable them to damage the bones of its victims.

Watch who is the king of eagles on Philippine Eagle Vs Harpy Eagle fight comparison.

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