A Condor Lands In Front Of The Man – Watch As He Thanks The Man Who Saved Him

    With lots of wings flapping, kisses and tail wagging, animals express their appreciation and thankfulness, if they are helped you in the times of need. The condor is just going to express everyone his appreciation.

    The exceptional part is when you are fortunate enough to take out your camera and capture the moment as it takes place.

    Fella Gaspera, resides on a ranch in Argentina and is very close to birds and animals. On a fine day, when he was walking through the property, he observed that a bird was apparently injured. When he went near it, he found out it was a condor. The bird had fallen rapidly from his nest and injured his leg.

    Della could not delay. The bird was quickly given first-aid proper care and nourishment. And he never stopped thinking it would ever regain its health. The man was sure that the condor would regain its strength and will be able to fly and be freed again.

    Even though it is unlikely for a man and a fowl to remain, friends, which is exactly what happened. Della had never imagined in thousands of years that he would be enabled to save a condor one day. Or that the bird would respond in the most unique manner – thanking the man for his assistance.

    Fortunately, there was a person who had captured this entire encounter on the video and shared it with Facebook. As people had their hands on the video of ‘condor cuddle’, it instantly became viral!

    The lucky man was kissed and snuggled by this large condor. We are so envious… you just cannot encounter this every other day!

    Watch the video below :

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