Curious Buffalo Tests Out A Trampoline. But What Follows Next? I Can’t Handle It!

    What would you do if you had encountered a buffalo examining a trampoline in your backyard? Obviously, it would be the most incredible sight you had ever seen and immediately take your camera in hands to record these moments. This woman in the video below did the same and the consequence is this funny and naughty video!

    Evidently, our canine companions are not the only pets who like to play around and examine the new objects lying in their surroundings. Buffalos are the most eager creatures also and sometimes they too discover intriguing stuff and try to investigate them. For instance, this buffalo in the clip below; the buffalo had never witnessed a trampoline before and when he comes across one, he is really eager about it. He snuffles about it, attempts to keep steps on it and at some point, I had thought that he knew how this thing works out!

    Here, you can watch the video below:

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