Dad Was Randomly Filming His Daughter And Dog. What He Ended Up Capturing? Absolutely Priceless!

    Filming children and dogs while playing together cannot be predicted. They are both admirable and very emotional videos online. It is just because of the right time filming and fortunately, the videos have come right. Here is a scenario is shown in the video you can see.

    Hadley is a 3-year-old training Gauge, her dog. In this video, Hadley attempts to teach a few tricks to Gauge offering doggy treats. These small attempts of Hadley are appreciable and Gauge is trying to understand that Hadley is teaching. Gauge is attentive to learn how to do it from Hadley. They get along well and their friendship is sure to blossom as they age like fine wine.

    Watch how Hadley teaching Gauge in this super adorable video below:

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