Dog Hid Her 9 Puppies In A Ditch To Protect Them From Her Cruel Owner

    Nana was in the yard for years and she was confined to a chain. The day of salvation for Nana began with the most shocking post through Facebook.

    An insensitive man intended to give a dog and its nine puppies, the neighbor’s community mobilized immediately. They were shocked by the owner’s stone heartedness and did not permit as the mother would lack essential conditions and the babies would die.

    Nana is 4 years old and spent the last three years in North Carolina chained outside her home. She gave birth three times and, lost the first two litters.

    This was her third litter and miraculously all the children survived, while her owner did not want them all. He was trying to get rid of them. The mother understood the danger and the intention of their merciless owner and did something to surprise the neighbors.

    The mother, hid her puppies in a ditch as they were praying so that someone comes to help.

    Nana’s situation was notified to the animal rescue organization, the FFAS, the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary. They tried to get urgent help by contacting Mr. Bones & Co.

    The FFAS agreed to take care of all the puppies and mother until the lactation period. Later, they will be shifted to New York.

    The doggies are a miracle and they were named by Peter Pan characters, Peter Pan, Wendy, Tiger Lily, Tinker Bell, Liza, Cubby, Michael, Wendy, and Jane.

    The volunteers of FFAS saw the deep love of Nana for her children. She did not leave their kid’s side and gave kids all that they deserved. It was nice to see despite the struggles in her life that she was clinging to her children as though it was the only thing in her life.

    Nana and her puppies were eventually taken to New York, Mr. Bones & Co headquarters. After the trip, Nana became tired and she confidently nestled near the volunteer’s legs. She saw the goodness of humans and was saved.

    She learned to trust during visits and permitted to give her puppies in the temporary homes. They took good care until finding permanent homes. Nana had done her part of saving her puppies and they survived.

    Nana managed to breathe in peace. She understood she cannot be by the side of her puppies. However, Nana, the mother felt she would be all right and she was happy to save her puppies.

    She gave everyone a lot of love.

    The puppies grew and became healthy and stronger, waiting for a permanent home.

    NANA's PETER PAN PUPPIES are nine weeks old and would love something to chew on…besides each other! 󾍇 Supply wish list is below!NANA gave birth at the end of a chain on July 9 and within days they were safe with one of our rescue partners Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, Salisbury NC. A day after they were born FFAS asked us if we would take this family of TEN into our program once babies were weened. After spending most of her life, four years, on a chain, NANA'S story broke our hearts. Only one pup from her two previous litter survived and that dog was on a chain in the same yard, pregnant, by six months. A kind neighbor took NANA's older daughter in and after two trips down South to meet NANA and get her comfortable with us, (and nine weeks of incredible and loving care from FFAS) we are beyond thrilled to share that this weekend we will finally receive this beautiful family! Stay tuned as their journey to NYC begins. In the meantime, we would be incredibly appreciative to anyone who is able to purchase a much needed supply item for this litter from our wish list: you have Prime, please select this feature when ordering so that we can assemble TEN foster kits for these adorable pups and their mama in time! We have some supplies we can re-use from our previous litters but will need some of the basics and essentials, as detailed.We are now accepting early adoption apps for these pups as well, who will all be spayed and nuetered on Sept. 29 and officially ready go home then. If you live in NY, NJ, CT and some parts of PA (within 90 minutes of NYC) you may fill out an adoption application here: you for sharing!Rescue is the New Black.®#AdoptNanaandPeterPanPups

    Posted by Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Runway on Monday, September 5, 2016

    The terrible suffering of Nana became a part of the past. On Facebook, the shelter thanked this story on social media. Thus, the mother and the puppies found a family.

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