Homeless Dog Is Overcome With Joy When Jogger Approaches Him

    A man is habituated to running every day and always runs on the same road. Every day jogger runs through the same trees, same homes and same pavements. However, during one of these runs, he comes across something that changed his course. In the fields just beside the road, he saw a little white puppy. We do not know whether the dog was deserted or the lost, but one thing was most definite: the kind man willed to help the puppy!

    Street dogs are usually not confident and run when they are approached by humans, but the response of this cute puppy was very different.

    As the jogger neared the puppy, the puppy was filled with great joy. The caring dog was very glad and relieved to have somebody around. He was shaking his tail with all his power and even barked a little bit.

    Then it was the lovely dog that laid on his back, making pleas for the belly. The jogger had possibly done everything he could and then run home with him. As soon as jogger reached the home, the dog had food to eat, water to drink and was checked by a local rescue group.

    Luckily, the puppy was very well and had found his new foster home! We are very glad that this puppy is very secure and away from the streets now!

    You can see these cutest moments below:

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