Horse Started Running. Now Watch When The Music Changed – 16 Million People Were Out Of Words

    When the horse has begun to run, music changed…Now see what happened…This amazing part is worth of thousand words.

    This incident is now new at all; this is a funny incident of 2006, on the platform of WEG dressage competition. Andreas Helgstrand with his beautiful horse came upfront to present their final performance to the audience. But they had something really unique and interesting to show off. They made the entire internet world speechless. You cannot even miss this video if you are an animal lover.

    It was the freestyle final and during the show, Andreas with his horse Blue Hors Matine presents a heartwarming performance. They performed it for a huge gathering but surprisingly over 20 million people viewed that on the internet.

    Blue Hors Matine is just 9 years old and the horse knows it better how to catch up the right bit and how to dance on the right beat. She performs with excellence; roam around the large course with such a style, elegance, grace, and smoothness. It was an easy flow for the horse. Their routine is also amazing and something interesting to watch. The beauty and grace are enough to make the video viral on the internet world. It has received already 17 million views on the Youtube channel. On social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, it has received approx one million views.

    Watch the video below :

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