Kitten Is Terrified At First Night In Her New Home – But When They Introduce Her To Their Dog, Everything Changes

    We all are absolutely in love with the pet but taking them to the house can be really tough, more like this if the pet is really young. In the posted video below, you are introduced to Rosie, a kitten who finds it very difficult in taking to her new home in her initial days.
    Her new owners have taken a note on it that the kitten is inactive and quite on her first night, so they allow Lilo, their dog, to solve the problem. Lilo is like a mother, although she never had her own litter of puppies. Perhaps, all will be fine for Rosie after some cuddling.

    When you have a look at her size, Rosie is almost 8 weeks old, which is really sufficient for her getting adopted. Perhaps due to the age characteristic, she might be required in different fields to suckle the milk from! It is really usual for the baby to search for love and care from another innocuous animal from altogether another species. However, it is also very surprising to witness a mature animal taking care of another species as a parent the way Lilo has.

    Unusual friendships, a book by Jenny Holland who writes for the National Geographic said that this type of bond is witnessed in the house pets, the reasons are the laws of the instincts. She also tells that the young ones are kept safe and loved by natural instincts so that they mature and deliver babies. This makes it hard to perceive why caring for an animal is a requirement. Jill Goldman, Applied Animal Behaviorist, says that this is related to the wish to grow mutually beneficial bonds, which apparently are the reasons why wild animals seek protection in the groups.

    Whatever the reason might be, Lilo thought that the capacity of a mother and her responsibility to care for Rosie is absolutely great.

    You can watch this video below to witness for yourself how Lilo had helped Rosie adapting to her new house.

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