Lonely Wolf-dog Refuses To Move From Corner Of His Room, Until He Meets His Soul Mate

    Sometimes it only needs a little bit of love only.

    A new meaning was brought to the term ‘lone-wolf’ by a poor little canine who is going to be named ‘Castiel’.

    When the local residents came across him initially in Los Angeles suburbs wandering, local residents had thought he was a common dog – most certainly an abused dog because of his makeshift collar tied around his neck.

    He was really thin, parasites infested him and had lost chunks of his fur from mange. The compassionate citizens instantly made a phone call to the local shelters.

    What they had no idea, though, and what the shelter discovered after some time, was that this canine was not only a dog.

    The straight ears, the grey-furred canine was, in fact, a wolf-dog hybrid. That meant that not only he had special needs due to his genetics, but that he could no longer be allowed to live in the shelter.

    Shelters are not supposed to take in the wild animals, and if he is not found a home, the dog, who was named “New Boy” at the time, would be put down.

    Wolf-dogs are unique as they have the necessities of wolves and dogs both. While few people have this kind of roaming, adventurous lifestyle is led by these hybrid creatures, most people really cannot absolutely take care of these.

    Fortunately, for the shelter people and the new boy, organizations like W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado adopt these gorgeous creatures who are trapped in interspecies limbo. W.O.L.F. is the abbreviation of the Wolves Offered Life and Friendship,” and they take in both full wolves and hybrids.

    Continue reading to discover how New Boy, namely Castiel, not only discovered a home but also found a true love also.

    When Castiel was discovered wandering the suburbs of Los Angeles, he was taken as a common dog.

    He was actually wearing a makeshift collar, which led rescuers to think that he was a pet.

    However, his restive behavior and major malnourishment made them believe that his home was not one of the nice ones.

    He was initially taken to a local shelter, where it was found that he was only one year old and he was partly a wolf, which meant that he should be placed into a special facility on an immediate basis – or be killed.

    When no room was left in California sanctuaries, W.O.L.F. sanctuary came into the scene and took him to Colorado, and his forever home.

    He was so frightened, he denied to move from the corner of his room, no matter whatever the rescuers attempted.

    Luckily, but, rescuers were finally able to give him a bath and treat him well – which he extremely required, considering he was filled with mange and parasites.

    As he gained the health back, W.O.L.F. went through a naming contest for him, and “Castiel” was the winning name.

    The name alludes to a character on the show Supernatural, who is a resurrection angel.

    The name was an inspiration from Castiel’s plausible transformation is not an acute, physically healthy wolf-dog.

    He looks already an absolutely different animal!

    It was high time to go into his new home properly and interact with new friends.

    Because he had lived a long life and was possibly avoided or tortured before that, Castiel was absolutely a timid and had no idea how to create a connection with other wolf-dogs and wolves.

    And obviously, the connection of packs is very significant if you are a wolf.

    But during this time, he was loving his time outside.

    W.O.L.F. staff also told that the interest of Castiel was increasing towards other animals also.

    While he was not yet going near to them, his interest was a good signal that he could be gregarious.

    The staff made a decision that he required what remedies and helps every one of us: A bit of love and care.

    Having been introduced to a great many female wolves, similar to wolf dating, he was brought to Tenali, an outgoing female wolf-dog. Her is age is 3 years, who was rescued from Wisconsin.

    Wolf-dogs are in fact found in good numbers in the country, and they are needed by many.

    Tenali is famous for her adorable nature, and she is really very enthusiastic. Castiel was also a little moved initially!

    But Tenali did not take it badly. She would just immerse herself in a water bucket for keeping herself busy.

    Michelle Proulx, who was director of animal care at W.O.L.F., told that Castiel began to get cozier with Tenali after being shy in the initial time.

    “After a few days, he came to realize that she not going to damage him,” she tells, “and observes that the pair have been playing together and spending some quality time.”

    “He grew from not enjoying much and being a loner for who is aware how long to have this lady,” Proulx tells.

    Just like humans, Castiel was opened up by the right individual and warmed up and helped him in healing from his tragic past.

    You can follow the adventures of this pair on W.O.L.F.’s website, where you can also give charity to assist us in keeping wolf-dogs secure and cheerful.

    Now, their relationship is gaining strength and boldness every day – and Castiel looks happier and healthier than ever.

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