Mom Bribes Baby To Say “Mama”, With Food, Dies Of Laughter When Dog Says “Mama” First

    Everyone known dogs and babies can be a lot of fun and can bring smiles to a home. This is the same with one Utah family, Diaz-Giovanini. Mom Andrea wanted to hear from her nine-month-old son ‘mama’ word and wished to reward her son on that day. However, she gets to hear it from someone else.

    Patch, their adorable dog listens immediately to its mama and howls a few times ‘mamas’. It is hilarious and sweet that the lovable dog was so accurate, a talent.

    The pup kept did not look at the food served while Andrea was holding hands. It was as if he wished to have the reward for himself.

    The entire thing becomes funnier as Sam, her baby realizes Patch is stealing the spotlight.

    Watch the adorable video at below:

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