Mom Set Up Camera When Teddy Bear Keeps Disappearing and Captured The Footage

    When you were a child, there might have been a time when you may have felt possessed.

    On the YouTube channel of Daily Picks and Flicks, a video was uploaded showing a long-haired dachshund namely Arvo (even the name is adorable) gearing up for bed in his room, but he is disabled to set down unless he gets his favorite toy, a big teddy bear, in a small doggie house along with him – and his absolute determination is the most adorable thing you have witnessed on the internet whole day.

    Arvo, a small long-haired dachshund, is very resolute.

    Teddy bear is wanted inside his cage with him but does not properly understand that the teddy does not actually fit.

    But that will not put an end to his demand.

    As you can witness in the video above, the dog continues tugging and pulling until he finally achieves what he desires. No matter what thing your little canine admires, any dog owner would relate with this funny video. Have a look at this cute video for yourself by pressing “play” there. This puppy most certainly cannot sleep without this teddy…

    Now, it is time for sleeping.

    Watch the video below :

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