Pit Bull Pretends To Faint To Avoid Getting Her Nails Clipped

    If there had been an award for “Best Acting By A Dog To Avoid Grooming” afterward this loving Pit Bull would be given the top prize. The dog, who was given name Ginger, displayed her dramatic talent in a video that is winning hearts on the internet.

    In the video, Ginger is seated in front of a young woman. She is really a good-mannered but begins to look a bit worried about what may happen when she brings the nail clippers. She requests for her paw, but she requires some convincing to abide by. Moreover, the woman is made to leave Ginger’s paw because she denies moving.

    She was knowing what was coming because as the clipping began, she began to look very suspicious about the entire thing. And afterward, she thinks that there may be a way out of this discomforted nail clipping – pretending to faint is the best solution. Dramatically, gradually falling backward and rolling her eyes, Ginger falls on her back while her legs splayed in the air funnily.

    If you think that she may be really fainting, Ginger let her eyes remain open the whole time and show the dad (the person holding the camera) a side-eye, as if telling him that he is spoiling his act.

    The video was published on Reddit and after Twitter, gaining more than 9 million views. It looks like Ginger may not be making fool out of everyone, but the performance is loved by everyone.

    You can have a look at this funny video below:

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    If you cannot view the above video, you can watch the below video:

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