See That Door? A Dog That This Man Lost 8 Years Ago Is About To Walk Through It

    Joshua Edwards was the presumptuous owner of a young Rottweiler namely Duke, but one grievous attack hit him when Duke was left in the yard to be grabbed by others – the owner was saddened at not being able to find the Duke.

    Edwards wanted to find the Duke, but it took him eight years to find his dog back. It was just then when he was giving in to hope of his search.

    Everything changed for him on 5th May 2015. However, a pet chip company made a phone call to Edwards and apprised him about the events. They gave him the good news that the Duke was found and he was registered on his name.

    The best Samaritan took the canine to an animal hospital named Tamiami, where the dog was thoroughly checked for a microchip. The chip revealed that he was owned by Joshua, who had adopted another dog whom he named Junior Duke. Joshua had become a dog trainer by then. In his distant hopes, he did not imagine that his Duke would ever be back.

    It was a miracle for him, and in the video here you will witness Duke walking back to his owner – what a soulful reunion it is.

    Watch the following video find out what happens at their reunion:

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