Senior Dog Dropped At Vet To Be Euthanized. One Look Into His Eyes, The Vet Stops In His Tracks

    Emu, a dog went through a lot of hardships in life. He was dumped to be euthanized at the vet, but the vet knew that the dog had a life to live.

    The vet did not euthanize Emu and took Emu to a Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day event. There Emu found a foster to live with and was taken to a Vet Point to heal.

    At first, Emu was nervous, but when as he understood that these people were trying to help him, he became comfortable. Despite everything, he was a very sweet and friendly dog.

    He liked all the attention he was receiving and wished to love and be loved. However, the fact stays that adopting an older dog was not so easy. Besides, EMU was not fit, yet his foster did not give up.

    On a Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day event, Emu’s foster was not certain that Emu will find a loving home. However, astonishingly he got one. This family was all day with him, they showered love and made him feel comfortable.

    After two months, he settled in this new home and his new name was Nutzie. He has Sahara, a new doggy sibling and now they are inseparable. They enjoy playing and get along really well, they keep snuggling each other.

    Emu is a healthy and happy dog having a loving family to take care of him. Emu got a second chance in life and this was possible because of the vet who believed he has life to live in. Every dog deserves a chance, so a common request is to adopt!

    Watch his transformation in this video below. He is the same dog, Emu after the much care and concern given, he became a beautiful family pet form a street dirty dog. He is always smiling and wagging his tail.

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