Service Dog At Airport Notices Owner Starts To Shake. Footage Of His Quick Reaction Instantly Goes Viral

    Service dogs are usually taught to react to different health concerns and issues, such as a sudden increase in the glucose levels of a diabetic person or an abrupt occurrence of an epileptic seizure. There are little things that dogs are not capable of nowadays. Amber Oliver is the person who understands the great powers of a service animal.

    Amber is a learned professional dog trainer – but she undergoes severe panic attacks too.

    Her own five-year-old dog was trained by her, named Oakley, to perceive any alterations in the human body temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate that could foretell an imminent panic attack. Uniquely, Oakley is capable of detection of Amber’s panic attacks before a panic attack occurs to her.

    In the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport, Amber recorded exceptional dog skills and services of Oakley on the video while waiting for a flight.

    Oakley’s and her own impressive video has gone viral as Oakley responded to her imminent panic attack…

    The camera of Amber records as Oakley abruptly acts, circles around, and shakes his tail anxiously and whines. He instantly takes a note that Amber is about to fall into the emotional crisis and is absolutely aware of how to put an end to her worries in their ways!

    After obtaining her focus with his snuffling, Oakley undertakes the next step that he learned in his training. He goes near her face directly! Amber told that the dog has been taught to separate her hands and navigate them away from her face.

    You can witness the attempts of Oakley for distracting Amber. The dog has been shrewdly taught by Amber to move her hands onto the dog’s body instead, which especially helped her in calming down.

    Once Amber diverts her attention towards rubbing her dog, he keeps his heavy body across her legs as if to save her, then gets under her knees when he is wrapped in her arms, scratching his chest and snuggling him.

    Not only this snuggling session assisted Amber in forgetting about her panic attack, but it was also a good moment for Oakley too!

    He nicely stays there, allowing her to cling to him as if he is saving her life as a life-jacket in a stormy ocean of panic attacks. Without this assistance and cheering up, Amber could only just whine in a corner of the airport gate. Oakley is evidence that dogs and humans are meant to be good friends. What an exceptional dog!

    You can witness this amazing dog identifying then diverting the attention of his owner as she shakes in a distressed state.

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