Stray Puppy Wags Her Tail At Every Passerby Trying To Get Someone To Notice Her

    The persistence of this puppy is great when she refused to stay behind as she caught by the rescuers who were looking for saving an elephant.

    This is was a small puppy and it was trying to survive best in the coldest part of Sri Lanka. She was there in a market during that period. She liked to wag the tiny tail in front of every passing person; it was her game to drag attention. Lek Chailert was a rescuer and he visited the place with his team and noticed the tiny dog. They were from the Elephant Nature Park. This national park of Thailand is known for giving shelter to the elephants that rescued from different situations and areas. They were in Sri Lanka for an elephant research program and passing through Nuwara Eliya where they found the little puppy.

    They posted it on YouTube and shared that the little puppy was wag wagging her tail to everyone in the fare where there were many people. It was calling people to notice here.

    But in a huge rush, most of them have missed the plight of the puppy. Their team stopped there but they were in a great hurry too. She now started following them but they returned her by lifting in hand at the place where they found it first. But she did it again and again and her determination melted the hearts of the team. Lek and her team decided to help the puppy but it was difficult for them because the place was too far.

    They asked many people to adopt the tiny puppy but they refused because she was a female puppy. In the end, they asked their driver to take care of the puppy. Thushara, the driver agreed to do that.

    They bought a new soft blanket for the little puppy, cleaned up it by the bath. They brought her to their hotel and made a soft bed with their luggage.

    It was a peaceful and warm night for the puppy to sleep. They named the dog, Lek Lek.

    Three years over now. Want to know about Lek Lek?

    Well, she is happily living now with Thushara and his family. She recognized Lek after the gap of three years.

    Rescuers are great people and they can change lives with needed care and love.

    Watch the video below :

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