Woman Catches Fiancé On Hidden Camera With Her Dogs, Immediately Calls Off Wedding

    Ninna Madin is a cat lover, a girl from Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. She had a beautiful, blissful life. She planned her wedding when she was 26 years old. She found her dream man in life. But the dream broke down and she called off the wedding when she realized who she was going to marry.

    She had two little French bulldogs that were her family like. Ninna’s world and her happiness revolved around here two children. They were living peacefully and life changed when her finance entered the family. Suddenly she found that her pubs are scared of the man. She found wounds on them too.

    Posted by Ninna Mandin on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    According to Ninna, they were very much scared of the man, and then she started finding wounds on them. Even the vet failed to understand the reason of the wounds. She then took a decision fast and installed a hidden camera in her living room.

    When Ninna reviewed the recorded footage, she was heartbroken completely. Her finance is a real monster and in the video, he was kicking, hitting, and even grabbing the poor dogs violent. His hiding secret was pathetic.

    She has canceled her wedding after that because it was impossible for her to live the entire life with such type of monster who harmed her poor babies.

    According to her, his love for the man vanished immediately. Even the man was a very caring, loving partner to her and it was a big surprise for the girl.

    Thankfully, there are no heavy or permanent injuries to her pubs. But will she be able to trust a man again?

    She did something that requires a lot of courage. The uploaded the video online and raised a petition against such cruelty of the man. Her petition has received over 30000 signatures and her story went viral. It comes out that man also has 7 dogs.

    We are hopeful that the police will take action against this dog abuser. Finger crossed! He vanished from the place since Ninna posted the story.

    Posted by Ninna Mandin on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

    Watch the video below :

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