Woman Returns To Home After California Wildfire Burned It Down – Loses It When She Sees Who’s Waiting For Her

    Last month, the state of California had experienced havoc as the campfire wildfire spread, which had murdered 85 people and displaced thousands of more people.

    There is a person, Andrea Gaylord, who was compelled to leave her house in the city of Paradise, and she had not known whom she would discover when she would go back to her house after one month. Andrea had gone away from her house on November 8, and she went back to her house on December 6th. When she reached there, Andrea discovered that someone very unique awaited here.

    Andrea had to go away on such short notice that she was compelled to abandon her two dogs behind. She had found animal rescue workers, who had gotten in touch with her to inform that they had come across her male Anatolian shepherd mix, Madison, a few days ago. Shayla Sullivan, a rescue worker, told that she had discovered Madison, who looked very fearful and he maintained his distance from her.

    Shayla would come to the area on a regular basis to give water and food to the dog unless Andrea was back home.

    “If (evacuees) could not be there, I shall be there and I am not planning to give up on the animals until they are back home,” Shayla told.

    When Andrea was finally back home, she was filled with joy that the brother of Madison, Miguel, was also found.

    It was found out that in the time of chaos of wildfires, Miguel was taken in by the shelter that was situated 85 miles away. Andrea was able to meet her dogs again on Friday, and she was thankful to Madison for carefully looking after their house for a month.

    “Think of the faithfulness of waiting in the bad circumstances and remaining there waiting,” she told. “Their instinctual job is to look after the flocks, and we are also one of them. It is a relaxing feeling.”

    You can see their emotional reunion in the posted video below!

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