2 Kittens Found “Colored In” With Permanent Marker. Now Watch When They Get Their 1st Bath

    Normally, abuse has a lasting impact on the victims affected, and whether it was an animal or a human it occurred to, it would take a good amount of time to fully regain the health.

    The same also happened to these little kittens. From the Police Department, a phone call was received regarding two neglected little cats and the Bradford Cat Watch Rescue considered that the situation could be completely tackled as countless cats had been saved over a long period of time but they were nicely surprised.

    When kittens were seen, they were stunned and came to know that the situation was not what they expected. It was estimated that the dejected kittens were only one month old and they were marked with permanent marker wholly; on their white part, somebody had penned down the white marker but the shelter undertook the task, carried the kittens with themselves and on an immediate basis began treating them.

    Katey, a volunteer, undertook this job of taking care of the kittens, Shrek and Smurf were given bottles of milk and a bath was prepared for them to get them back into the normal condition.

    You can go through the heart-breaking video below!

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