9-year-old Rescue Pit Bull Refuses To Leave Ellen Alone, His Hilarious Antics Have Audience Rolling In Laughter

    For the underdog, Tia Torres is the real champion. On her famous Animal Planet show, Pit Bulls and Parolees, Tia is a representative for the people who are outcasts of the society.

    She may be acting tough, but her heart is made of gold.

    The show brings ex-convicts as they are freed from the prison, and then coupled up with the homeless, undesired Pit Bulls. Tia tells that the two controversial persons do not judge each other like the whole society. Instead, they impart each other skills like love, responsibility, and compassion.

    At Ellen, Tia stopped by with one of her Pits, Snorkie, who required a home. Figuring out from the reaction of Ellen and the response of the audience, something lets me know that it took a shorter time for this guy to be adopted!

    You can click the posted video below to watch the cute Pit Bull and its cuteness on the Ellen Show!

    Kindly, SHARE and join Ellen in assisting the people in reducing the stigma that is attached to this gorgeous breed.


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