This Dog Is Eagerly Waiting For Someone. When You Know Who It Is, You’ll Scream In Excitement!

    Everyone requires at least one good friend in their life, and dogs are not exempted from this fact. You may have encountered a great many videos of the canines who are the great friends for life, however, this specific video has got more than that. Laika, one of the famous dogs of the internet, interacts with a pit bull named Mook on a fine day, and the rest is already said. They are not only good friends, as you can witness they are really more than friends.

    From the initial meeting, Laika had fallen in love with Mook. As her owner calls her “flirt”, she no doubts had her first move to grow the interest of Mook in her too. The moment they met, they had developed a unique bond that was very miraculous. It is a unique day for lovers, and these two are most certainly the loveliest couple I had ever encountered.

    Having watched these two adorable dogs in love, you will have a wide smile on your face!

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