A Female Dog Was Abandoned In A Wheelchair Without Water Or Food And Was Chained Into A Gate

    This is an old story of a poor female dog. In 2014, she was completely abandoned in the street of Zabala, which is in Salta of Argentina. She was in a wheelchair and was chained into the gate of a hairdresser. She had a note with her age and name and a package of diapers with her. The not consists of the fact the reason why her owner left here there and who was her owner. Her owner was not able to maintain her so he left her to the roadside.

    An employee of the hairdresser found her and immediately called the LUBA Salta rescue organization. Two volunteers of the organization came for her help and they found that there is no water or food is left for her. She was in poor condition, very weak, and frightened.

    Soon they started sharing the painful story and a family of United States was come there to adopt her. She traveled with them but the family was unaware of her physical condition and her disability. Due to a severe staphylococci infection in her urinary tract, she was suffering from scabies and lesions. Her name was Lunita and she lost all the body and tail hair and also 33 pounds weight.

    But her new family started their mission to save her. They offered good medical treatments and after a few visits of the vet, their care and affection she somehow managed to heal her pain and got back 55 pounds again.

    They paid for the expensive treatment because of the money raised for the anonymous people. It was the generosity of them that made her recover very soon. She got back a new life where she has a lot of love. She also found the beauty of snow, the happiness of walk, new family, new friends, etc. they grandly celebrated her 11th birthday with a party and cake too.

    But sadly after the birthday, her health became worse and she needs to hospitalize for an intensive treatment.

    Lunita left the world on July 8 and according to her owner, they lost their part of the soul. They loved her unconditionally. The reason for her death was her old age but her life was beautiful in the last part.

    Watch the video below :

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