Someone Dumped 3 Poor Pups On The Streets. By The End, You Will Be In Tears.

    Bringing new hopes for the paws is always an inspiration and this is the reason that the rescue stories amaze us always. Numbers of abandoned and stray animals have found their home due to the kind-hearted rescue team of the organizations. They are always a call away whenever an animal is in danger needs their help.

    Recently a story came to knowledge about three poor stray dogs. They were in the parking lot of a restaurant. There was a well-concerned lady, who was there feeding the Chihuahuas called up the rescue team of Hope for Paws. She knew that the puppies can’t survive there in the street. It was the best thing for the dogs.

    Eldad offered food to the dogs, the male one approached first and the others after him. Eldad realized that two dogs were injured. It was badly shot by the BB gun.
    He brought them in his car and where he gave all the medical assistance and proper care to them. He also gave a hot bath to the dogs.

    Names of the three dogs are Penny, Marty, Brooklyn. They were cleaned up properly. He tried to save them but after four days Penny died suddenly due to heart failure. But her last rite was really peaceful and she spent the last few days with the people who loved her.

    Brooklyn and Marty are living now as foster dogs and looking for a new home forever. If you want to adopt the cute dog, don’t buy just take them with you.

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