Cat Kidnaps Puppies And Takes Them To Her Home. But The Reason Behind It Stole My Heart

    The purest love is the mother’s love in the universe. The same is with Lily Potter and her son Harry that safeguarded him from evil Lord Voldemort. A mother can do anything strange or crazy things to ensure her child is safe. For instance, see this Miss Kitty, the feline who lost her kittens recently, but nothing stopped her from becoming a mom again.

    Miss Kitty had recently lost her babies and it is almost the same time that Smoochie, the cocker spaniel gave birth to puppies. Smoochie abandoned her puppies as she was not keen on baby-raising.

    Miss Kitty kidnapped the newborn pups and started taking care of them that no one could deny it was not hers. The dogs and cats are termed as by birth enemies, but nothing can change maternal love!

    Watch how Miss Kitty kidnapped the newborn pups in the video below:

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