Security Cam Catches Little Boy Sneaking Into Garage To Steal Quick Hug From A Dog

    A couple, Hollie Mallet and her husband were reviewing the footage of home security and noticed a video that showed a little boy stopped in front of their garage entrance.

    He was looking around to ensure no one had spotted him. He did not notice the security camera. He dropped his bike and came inside.

    And the next was unbelievable!

    This small boy loved our dog that came in to get a quick hug, the video below shows it.

    Hollie and her husband were watching the purpose of embracing Duchess, their pet dog.

    Duchess was reacting in such a way that it showed that the boy was visiting her regularly!

    Hollie was moved that she wanted to know the boy. She posted on Facebook so that the boy could come anytime to see Duchess, their dog.

    The boy was Josh Breaux and they lived in the same locality. The boy’s mother said she was happy that her son was such a loving kid, and was upset that he should not enter someone’s property in this manner.

    Josh’s mother told their dog passed away, and this made the young boy, Josh’s life void. He hugged Duchess expressing his love for the pet.

    Watch the full of love video at below:

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