Cockatoo Loses Temper At Owner For Not Doing His Dishes. His Hilarious Tantrum Is Leaving Internet In Hysterics

    Cockatoos are pretty birds. They can be a special source of entertainment since they mimic particular things you say, and sing and even dance sometimes. But they are really frightening whenever they are aggressive. Since they are the best at showing expressions verbally, they can also express their anger and exasperation in a notable way also. The cockatoo present in this video below is one of those.

    The clip shows an anxious cockatoo crying at his owner just like he was about to murder him right away! He bashes his owner, apparently for not washing the utensils. He leans towards the sink, and then returns backs to his owner and again lays towards the sink while showing the temper tantrum. At one point in time, he even happens to poke the knee of his owner with his beak!

    Well, he really looks like a neat and clean cockatoo who loves to have his surroundings safe and clean. The contrary behavior of his owner definitely makes him aggressive.

    However, it is really funny to watch the bird getting angry like that. You can watch the video here:

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